FAQ about Reiki Treatments - Using Reiki to heal


I wanted to chat about some of the common questions I get asked to assist you in deciding the best way to have your Reiki treatments and to decide if Reiki is right for you. Some little questions that have big answers!

Is Reiki a religion?
No, not at all. No formal dogma is taught. Reiki can be viewed as a hands-on energy healing technique, and/or it can be considered to be a spiritual practice. But it is not a religion.

Reiki is a Japanese healing and energy technique that was introduced in the early 1900s by Dr. Mikao Usui.  For more information, please visit The History of Reiki, here.

Suppose you wish to explore the spiritual precepts and foundations of Reiki. In that case, it can take you on a gentle exploration of your connection with the Divine, link to your Divine Self and your relationship with the Universe. However, this is not something you 'need' to do to have or even learn how to receive or give Reiki. Reiki works regardless of your belief system. This is likely why so many people of different faiths and cultures are comfortable practicing Reiki, having Reiki, and being open to its healing benefits.

Reiki can be used in many different ways. It can be used for physical ailments, relief of pain, illness, disease, or it can be used for mental and emotional conditions of the mind and heart. It can also be part of a spiritual and meditation practice to journey with your soul and walk your path. Reiki is used in hospitals, spiritual traditions, wellness centres and in-home and family situations, and you can delve into all aspects or certain aspects of the practice freely and openly at a level that suits you, without a religious framework.


Do you do hands-on or hands-off Reiki?
At The Peace Practice, I tend to do a combination of both. I work intuitively with hands partly directly on the body and partly in the auric fields above the body. I am happy if the client prefers no physical contact, however.

The recipient remains fully clothed at all times. The physical touch is light and is often held in place for some minutes. All Reiki practitioners are very respectful when placing their hands, and I personally work on the head, face and scalp area, moving through the body on or near the main chakra points, also covering the legs, ankles and feet.

A hands-on Reiki transmission feels warm and comforting and can be a slightly different experience when the hands are off the body. Both techniques combine to allow the energy to permeate through the muscles and organs of the body whilst putting the brain into a deeply relaxed state of being.


"How many sessions of Reiki should I have?" 

There is no one size fits all answer to this one. You can, of course, undoubtedly utilise Reiki for one-off sessions for a beautiful tune-up of your energy and chakra fields and a rejuvenating relaxation. And that's a great place to start!

However, if you happen to be dealing with a complex issue of either the mind, the body, or a life situation, I would definitely recommend a series of sessions. 

 Reiki works so seamlessly on the different levels of mind, body and spirit, and many issues we deal with are intertwined with these layers. By allowing time to explore, dig deeper and work through issues on these energetic planes, we give ourselves the room to heal, the time to integrate the energy and shift the vibrations that may be blocking our true and unlimited potential.

 Reiki can shift and clear the energy field. That also allows more deeper-seated or even buried issues stored in the energy body, 'room' to rise. So to clear, integrate, and then clear some more over a series of sessions, is a delicate and profound process. 

 Each person and their situation is different, but as a rule of thumb, in these cases, you might consider 3-4 or 4-6 sessions in reasonably close proximity [say 3-4 weeks apart] and then as and when you feel called to.

 To work with Reiki this way is a highly personalised experience. To allow this process to unfold for clients in a way that suits them best, I have tailored my session options to allow for room to have 'Just Reiki' or for longer appointments to give you the time to dive in at whatever depth you are comfortable with. Many clients who work with me regularly may start with a more extended session and then move to shorter ones going forward. 


"So if I do all that, will Reiki cure me?"

Loaded question with my answer likely also to be perceived as loaded! Love to say yes or no, but I can't. Stay with me here, and I'll explain!

Firstly Reiki literally translates as Universal Life Force. The energy that runs through everything and all in the Universe, the energy that brings life to all sentient beings, that grows an acorn into an oak, that gives us the miracle of nature...you get my drift. Whether your personal understanding or word for that is Source, Spirit, God, Supreme Being, Love, Vital Principle, Creator, it represents [in a non-religious context] the energy that connects us to life and all that is and ever has been. It is also the understanding that this energy is of us, of everything and runs through us and throughout the entire Universe, moving across timelines and dimensions.

Although you may indeed feel wobbly, out of alignment, sick, emotionally unbalanced etc., you are still perfect, whole and complete in the essence of this divine energy. You may be out of sync, connection or alignment with your divine blueprint maybe, but you are always still held in perfection. 

Reiki is offered to your physical and non-physical bodies - your energy bodies can help you harmonise and balance your energy back to the centre point, which then supports you to heal, adjust, and realign. It is actually you who does the work! The practitioner holds the space for the energy and for you to receive it for your greatest and highest good. 

Healing and curing are not really the same. We often think in terms of not having a disease or condition as 'being cured'. Gone. Nada. Not there. When we cure something, we either control it or eliminate it. But we don't always address the underlying causes - and there can be many, such as nutrition, emotional trauma, stress etc. But, when we heal, we move to understand and energetically let go or resolve those underlying issues that may cause our bodies and minds to experience disease and sickness. 

Reiki can move into those underlying issues energetically, bringing them up for understanding or clearing them. This, in turn, can directly and positively impact the physical body. The physical and mental bodies are also greatly assisted in the process as deep relaxation, and energy alignment can bring profound shifts in the hormonal and nervous systems, which, when in chaos, can impact disease and illness. Reiki focuses foremost on healing and allowing the cure to happen.

Reiki as a complementary therapy is used to assist regular and traditional medical procedures and processes. There are many beautiful stories of how Reiki has cured and healed. Still, in the context of any conditions, disease and illness that affect your health and life, it is never recommended to discontinue traditional treatment paths. In these cases, use Reiki in conjunction with your medical professionals' knowledge and advice.


Is Reiki a safe practice for everyone?

There have been many Clinical and non-Clinical worldwide studies of the efficacy and safety of Reiki. No contraindications are detailed for Reiki, with most studies concluding that Reiki is an effective and non-invasive complementary therapy to traditional medicine. Many hospitals globally now approve Reiki as a holistic treatment for recovery and stress reduction.

You may like to look at two sample articles detailing some trials, studies and observations on Reiki from a more scientific point of view.

What Does the Research say about Reiki?

A Large Scale Effectiveness Trial of Reiki for Physical and Physiological Health

In the years I've been practicing Reiki professionally, I have found Reiki to be a safe and effective modality for all people, including pregnant women and younger children.

Is Reiki safe if I am pregnant?
Yes, absolutely! It is just lovely to enjoy a Reiki relaxation session when pregnant and a gorgeous way to energetically and even more intimately connect with the baby.

Over the 16 weeks term, I advise you not to lay on your back for the session, so I raise the head of the table, so you are partly sitting up. This is usually much more comfortable for the baby too. I can also give Reiki sitting in a chair if preferred. Babies in utero seem to respond beautifully to the energy, and mothers-to-be have given me excellent feedback on their sessions.

Can children receive Reiki?
Yes, indeed, they can have Reiki.
Under 16, I require a parent or guardian to be present during the session, and I limit the hand positions directly on the body. I usually suggest a session that includes a meditation component. Younger children can have shorter attention spans, so I tailor the session lengths to suit the individual. Kids find Reiki fun and relaxing, and usually a very positive experience. 

On a side note, pets and animals love Reiki too and it can be very beneficial for them. There are many practitioners who specialise in Animal Reiki. 


I can't relax on the Reiki table. My mind won't stop, my body fidgets. Will it still work? What am I doing wrong?
Nothing. Nothing wrong. Whenever we do something that we don't normally do, the mind will kick in and try and bring us out of that state into something it understands as more familiar.

Unfortunately, this is when people tend to give up on themselves, bemoaning they 'can't relax' or 'can't meditate'. They get frustrated at themselves and spend the time worrying and wishing the session was over.

I usually give clients an easy visualisation and a breath technique to help them relax and pin their thoughts to at the beginning of the session. This often does the trick, but if you still have trouble, please discuss this. There are a lot of various techniques to help the wandering mind. It does take practice, but I would urge you not to give up. Instead, try shorter Reiki sessions to take the pressure off and practice meditation each day for 5 minutes, slowly building up the minutes until you can hold comfortably for more extended periods. I have some clients who thought they'd never find their Peaceful Space and Still Point, but they did! You can too.

Know that you never do or will stop the mind. Science research talks about us having between 50,000 - 80,000 thoughts a day! Staggering!

Instead, we aim not to engage the thought and travel with it. We give the mind something else to do each time we notice ourselves thinking. Dropping back into the breath is a perfect interrupter for the thought and helps us to relax. Even if you spend the whole session concentrating on breathing, that's perfectly okay.

Becoming the observer (notice when we're thinking) and the gatekeeper (closing the thought with the breath) to our minds is the key to enjoying activities that require a quieter mind, such as Reiki or meditation.


Why do I feel different things in different sessions? Sometimes I feel a lot, sometimes not very much. Does that mean it's not working?
Our energy bodies are a beautiful technology that helps us to receive and transmit energy. They are in constant motion. Our chakras spin, expand, retract in different circumstances; our auric field is changing to reflect what we are experiencing and feeling.

When we receive Reiki, we respond according to what is happening with our energy field. Our fields 'draw' down the Reiki, and it will flow to where it is required. If an area presents as sluggish, slow or even blocked, Reiki may release or shift this. Heat, tingles, waves of energy flowing through, tummy rumbles, little static bursts, or even coldness can be experienced, and all are common occurrences. So your physical sensations will depend a lot on your physical state at the time of the session.

Likewise, subconsciously we can go deep into a meditative state, and sometimes more so than another. These states may evoke dream-like visions to the mind, subconscious messages, or you may see vivid colours. Another time your conscious mind may be more engaged, or you don't relax as profoundly, or you may even fall asleep and not be so aware of these experiences.

None of this means the session wasn't successful or the Reiki 'hasn't worked'. It is perfectly normal for each session to impart a different experience.

Reiki practitioners will always explain that the energy has its own intelligence [it forms entire Universes after all] and will work for you in exactly the way you need it to at that time.  


Usually, I feel really light and easy after a session, full of energy too! Other times I feel sooo tired, and once I felt a little unwell for a couple of days. Why does this happen?
Generally, most people will feel a lot lighter after Reiki. It often feels that a load of anxiety has lifted, and your mood is more balanced. This can last for some time afterwards as the energy slowly integrates with your energy field and physical body. If a lot of clearing and rebalancing goes on, sometimes the body and mind need to rest, and you can feel tired that night, but you'll bounce lighter in the morning after doing so.

Very occasionally, you may experience what I sometimes refer to as a Reiki De-Tox. This can be likened a bit to a body or diet detox, such as refraining from [say] caffeine. When we move out what the body feels is a toxin, slow-moving residue may cause symptoms such as headaches and tiredness. However, if you keep cleansing the body, the toxins eventually work their way clear, and you begin to feel excellent - better than before. Follow up Reiki sessions will assist the moving of energy.

I stress this is not a common occurrence, but the same type of scenario can occasionally occur with Reiki. Certain block shifts, or residue may take a while to move, the body needs time to readjust, and for a bit, you get a healing hiccup which may feel like a general malaise or light cold/flu type of symptoms. Sometimes you may feel a little raw emotionally, depending on the nature of your situation. Detoxing through Reiki may occur after an intense session of clearing blocks and stagnant energy.

I always believe this is a good sign. It means discordant energy is moving and shifting. Honour the body if this occurs, rest and relax and be kind to yourself. Always contact your practitioner if you have any concerns.


I've been feeling great after a few sessions and didn't think I needed to come back. However, after a few months, I feel like I'm back where I started. Why hasn't the healing held?
We can have some beautiful results and get ourselves into a whole new groove. However, if we're not mindful of our energy and thoughts and our lifestyle habits, we will start to move towards the slippery slope again!

We need to think of our energy in the same way as we do our fitness regimes. We work hard through our Reiki sessions, getting ourselves clear, balanced and aligned in the same way we start training in the gym. We start slowly, build ourselves up, hold ourselves to a fitness level and reap the benefits. However, if we stop exercising, if we lose discipline, we lose muscle. Quite quickly. The same will happen with the Reiki techniques and practices. If we don't put new procedures into place, form new habits, change certain patterns in our life, we will lose momentum, and we'll slowly sabotage the excellent work we've done.

In regular sessions with clients, I give many practices and processes to assist them to stay in balance and alignment with their energy. These will include various meditation techniques, healing tips, observation and gatekeeping of the mind and thoughts, and various energy clearing practices to adapt for use at home. Consistency is the key.

Think of cleansing your energy body in the same way as you cleanse your physical body. Every day! We get hot, sweaty and need our showers. In the same way, we need an "energy shower" to refresh, clear and balance our field - daily. These practices are simple; they don't take long, but putting them into place is imperative to maintain balance and a healthy energy field.

And if you are having trouble maintaining this on your own, reach out for a session now and then. Catch yourself, and reset BEFORE you go right back to square one!


I am experiencing anxiety. I am not feeling my usual calm self. Can Reiki help?
I totally believe it can and does. Many of my clients are challenged by their anxiety and stress levels, and some have full-blown anxiety attacks and depression.

In more acute or long term cases, I always recommend that professional counselling / medical / or psychological help be sought. I recommend that you advise your medical professional that you are also using Reiki techniques for your mental health.

I work closely with you to give you tools and tips you can bring to your everyday life to empower you in managing your stress and anxiety levels. The deep inner relaxation and meditations we work with during your sessions will help anchor your energies, ground you and help you cope.

I do recommend a series of regular sessions to assist you more effectively.


If I have a long term condition that requires extensive and regular treatment, will Reiki help, and in what way?
I treat many people going through intensive treatment programmes that are difficult, sometimes invasive and challenging. Their underlying illness and conditions are often chronic, occasionally terminal. Working with Reiki in such circumstances can be extremely helpful, but it may not resonate with everyone being very dependent on personal circumstances.

In my experiences, I have found that Reiki can be the most beautiful support and help enormously with the levels of stress associated with long-term treatments, medications, pain, and disease. It can soothe the emotions, the fear and the angst around the unknown and the very confronting aspects of challenging diagnosis.

Reiki treatments can bring the recipient to a deep level of relaxation that can assist with stress hormone production levels within the body and encourage the body to a state of being that promotes healing. The gentle spiritual [non-denominational] aspect of Reiki helps find a different perspective on their conditions. I encourage my clients to move out of the mindset of 'fighting' the disease or condition and find a quiet, gentle space of love and peace with their internal healing work. I work into the energetic imprint of the body's cellular levels, bringing the Universal Life Force into the atoms and the molecules and realigning them with love and light. It can be a cathartic but profound process.

If you wish to try a Reiki programme in conjunction with your treatment, I would suggest a longer appointment for your first one and then a series of regular shorter sessions staggered through the duration of the treatment and, if possible, extending into recovery time.

The Solaris Centre volunteers also offer Reiki sessions through some of the major hospitals in Perth and their centres for Cancer patients and carers of patients going through Oncology treatments. I would highly recommend their Reiki services and varied holistic services if you are exploring complementary therapies in conjunction with traditional medical treatments.

Can I mix Reiki with other modalities on my healing quest?
Absolutely! Reiki is so gentle and non-invasive, and many modalities compliment it. I use meditation, sound therapy techniques, breathwork, crystal therapy, and intention setting in my own personal practice at home. [Meditation is my equal practice to Reiki]. I bring many of these components forward in my professional work as well.

I recommend clients explore any other energy healing modalities that call to them, including breathwork, shamanic work, hypnotism, sound healing therapy and meditation. I always recommend they receive advice on their lifestyle and exercise routines as well. I highly recommend exploring naturopaths, herbalists and dieticians. The link between wellness and lifestyle is essential. If you are experiencing anxiety, depression, or mental health concerns, I would highly recommend you reach out to counselling services.

Perth is graced with the most fantastic array of holistic practitioners, modalities and services. Definitely explore, experience and enjoy. My only caution might be to pace yourself. Go gently and respectfully in your journey with yourself. Allow time to integrate, absorb, understand and feel your way forward. Try not to push your progress. Don't bombard your energy field with a lot of different processes at any one time. Listen in. Go deep within and learn how to read your own energy field and trust your intuition. Everything you need to know is actually within you already. These practices [including Reiki] are tools to help you connect to yourself to bring forward your innate healing abilities already deeply embedded with your soul. Use them to help you reconnect, relax, and trust yourself to be guided for your own unique needs.

 Have more questions?  Reach out! Don't hesitate to ask, I'm an email away.

With much love and Reiki light,



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