The Peace Practice

The Peace Practice was established by Elaine MacLeod in 2016 and is the platform Elaine uses to spread the vibration of peace into the universe - and to share her passionate love of the Japanese energy therapy, Reiki - as well as a touch of magic, a few random thoughts or ideas and to showcase a range of magical products and cosmically aligned jewellery that will inspire and delight!



Elaine followed the Reiki ancestry of founder, Mikao Usui (1865-1926). Elaine was initially attuned through to her Master Practitioner Level of Usui/Tibetan Reiki Certification from Reiki Master, Susan Harris  who is  5th in lineage to Mikao Usui. 

Since receiving this initiation Elaine has continued to study and anchor and upgrade her understanding of the beautiful teachings of Reiki.  Still working through Susan Harris as her Master, Elaine is now herself a Master Practitioner/Teacher of the Usui / Holy Fire® III / Karuna® Reiki system.

Reiki is a graceful energy flow.  An ancient hands on, natural, gentle, vibrational transfer of universal life force. The Usui Reiki system originated in Japan in the late 1800’s, where it has been passed down through the ages to become a globally practiced and accepted form of natural, alternative health and wellness therapy.

You can read more on the transmission of Reiki here.

The Reiki or Peace Sessions with Elaine are beautiful, subtle and non-invasive that encourage overall wellbeing in the body, mind and spirit. They can be likened to accessing the bridge between stress and balance.

(*please note: Holy Fire III® and Karuna® are trademarked to the International Center of Reiki Training) 



Meditation is a key component to reconnecting to self, remembering our life path, accessing inner knowledge and to receive the support, guidance and wisdom of life source energy.


About Elaine

As a Peace Practitioner, through personal one on one appointments, Elaine will help you activate and maintain a state of peace in your own sacred space and world. Using various gentle and sacred vibrational transmissions of energy, she will assist you to connect with your inner self and help your physical body to initiate its own intrinsic knowledge of self-balance and healing.

Elaine has a lifetime background in the creative industries of fashion, business, marketing and retail, combined with being actively involved in local community as a volunteer for many years.  She was (and still is) a passionate believer in bringing communities together, finding a common thread, encouraging harmonious growth, collaborations and creative change. However, from this life, Elaine was guided in recent years to completely and radically re-assess her path. She recognises this is a common denominator she shares with many people in the world of late. The change that many have and are experiencing is massive and many have shifted complete focus.

Through a regular meditation routine, her studies with Reiki and spiritual practices she was led to reconnect to herself on a completely different level through a string of circumstances and the help and generosity of many other beautiful souls, guides and teachers.  This in turn has led and encouraged her to fully step into this path of peace.  Finding that space, holding it and living it, regardless of what was going on, became her key to living life. She discovered by accessing this vibration she was able to function differently.

Life and the difficult circumstances it presents at time, rather than being viewed as discordant, became more of a mirror to releasing the density of old patterns. The shift has been profound and she realises it will be an on going journey, one that may even take a lifetime, but she quietly knows that accessing the power of peace is powerful stuff! It will change your life.

It is her deepest hope that by sharing these peaceful energy transmissions with others, she will be able to inspire, ignite, activate and help connect people to their true crystalline being which in turn will allow them to walk on their individual and collective light path of peace. Peace of self, peace of heart, peace of humanity. 

To have peace, be it.