The Peaceful Moment - Reiki Infused Meditation Session [Tuesday]

The Peaceful Moment - Reiki Infused Meditation Session [Tuesday]

The Peace Practice

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Reiki Guided Meditation   

The Peaceful Moment 

Join me on the mat, around the crystal grid. Relax into a gentle guided Meditation where I hold the vibration for you to receive an immersive infusion of Reiki energy.


The graceful flow of Reiki is smooth and gentle. Although a different experience to receiving hands on Reiki, when channelled through a meditative session it will feel just as relaxing and restorative, offering the vibration of harmony and alignment.


You will feel connected to your heart and inner being and be bought to a place where you can feel into a new sense of peace – peace of the heart, peace of mind and peace for humanity.


Tuesday evenings  7pm - 8pm  

at Elysium on Angove

64 Angove Street, North Perth 



You are welcome to stay for a cup of herbal tea after the meditation if you wish


Cost Exchange: $15


Bookings are essential.  Space and places are strictly limited to 6 people. There are meditation mats [recommended] or a couple of comfy tub chairs available if you find lying on the floor challenging. [Please DM or email me if you require a chair.]

These Reiki bathed Guided Meditations are offered to you with heart felt love and with the intention set that this infusion of Reiki energy supports your own personal journey to receive better health, wellbeing and peace.

*Receiving Reiki is never a substitute for traditional diagnosis, medical or surgical procedures and should be considered a complementary therapy to such treatments. It is not intended to replace professional medical or therapeutic advice.