Peace Sessions - REIKI

Reiki Session (Allow 1 & 1/2  hour session) $80
    Sheer relaxation! You lie down, fully clothed to receive a graceful transfer of Reiki. A wonderful Japanese energy therapy to balance the chakras and body, gently encouraging it towards self healing.
    1 hour session + 30 minute consultation and winddown time
    Allow approximately 90 mins in total for the appointment.
    The Peace Session ( Allow 2 hours) $100
    This beautiful intuitively given session integrates various energies.  We begin with a light meditation to relax you, an aura cleanse using sound and tuning forks and then combining the energies of Reiki with spiritual healing techniques and crystal balancing.  
    This is our most popular session.
    Allow approximately 2 hours for the appointment
      Peace at a Distance $70 (45 minutes)

        Reiki can be invoked and channeled across time and space by intent. Reiki as such know no boundaries and this energy vibration can be used on persons, spaces and across various time lines.  From the comfort of your own home, this session is by an arranged appointment and a follow up consultation pdf will be sent by email regarding the session.