Reiki & Energy Sessions


*Important Community Notice*
I deeply care about the health & well-being of the community & at this time wish to maintain a healthy environment for those seeking Reiki sessions with me. I understand immediate health risks remain relatively low in Perth but I respectfully have cancelled all hands on, in person sessions, under advisement and in response to the current Health updates.
In the meantime, I wish you and your families ease of being during these times and I hold the space of love for you all.
*PLEASE NOTE: I am presently offering Distant Reiki and pre-communication via Zoom or email.  These sessions are beautiful and I trust that they will resonate with you also.
Please see our Distant Reiki guide for detailed information on this process HERE
Please use the booking link to schedule an appointment for this session with me on Perth time.



If you have any concerns or queries, please contact Elaine to discuss options.
0412 886 813 -
$80 (1 hour)
$65 (45 mins)
*Please note that due to the current global concerns this is the only Reiki Session I am able to make available at this time.  

    Reiki can be invoked and channeled across time and space by intent. Reiki as such know no boundaries and this energy vibration can be used on persons, spaces and across various time lines.  From the comfort of your own home, this session is by an arranged appointment and communication before and after via a Zoom meeting or via email exchange.

    Please advise me if you do not have access to an internet connection.

    For more information and a complete explanation of the process of Distant Reiki - HERE


    Reiki Session (1 & 1/2  hours) $80
      Sheer relaxation! You lie down, fully clothed to receive a graceful transfer of Reiki. A wonderful Japanese energy therapy to balance the chakras and body, gently encouraging it towards self healing.
      Recommended for persons new to Reiki or energy healing or those who require the streamline vibration of a relaxed Reiki session.
      1 hour session + 30 minute consultation and winddown time
      Allow approximately 90 mins in total for the appointment
      The Peace Session ( 1 & 1/2 hours ) $100
      *This is our most popular session

      This beautiful intuitively given session integrates various energies.  We begin with a light meditation to relax you, an aura cleanse using sound and tuning forks and then combining the energies of Reiki with spiritual healing techniques and crystal balancing. A lovely experiential session.
      1 hour session + 30 minute consultation and winddown time
      Allow approximately 90 mins in total for the appointment.
      The Peace Boost  $65 (45 mins)
      Not recommended for those new to Reiki or energy healing but perfect if you are feeling the need for more ongoing support, or those who are time poor, or require complementary therapy for long term conditions or medical procedures.
      Also an excellent session when you need a top up of energy, a booster session to rejuvenate, relax, reinvigorate.  Or if you're feeling a need to re-connect to self, re-balance your chakras or simply recharge and reset your vibrational field. 
      Choose either a classic Reiki treatment or a mixed energy session. 35mins on the table, 10 mins wind down time.
      The Peaceful Space - Space Clearing with Reiki *PRESENTLY UNAVAILABLE TO BOOK*
        We can arrange a general space alignment of energies using various ritual processes combined with Reiki for those who are moving in or moving out, those who are finding their homes, offices or spaces are becoming a little 'sticky', dull or blocked and are finding that their lives are not flowing in alignment with their dreams. 
        For more information visit our Space Clearing page here or email: