The Peaceful Space

(please contact for quote and time frame according to your individual requirements)


This is a beautiful energy sweep and clearing of your home or workspace using various space clearing techniques, rituals and then overlighting the space with infusions of Reiki to infuse a fresh, new vibrancy.  We tailor these sessions to suit your specific requirements and will be pleased to quote without obligation.

We can arrange a general space alignment of energies for those who are moving in or moving out, those who are finding their homes or spaces are a little 'sticky', dull or blocked and are finding that their lives are not flowing in alignment with their dreams.

We all understand how arguments can hang around in the air or difficult circumstances can affect the occupants of a space. So having a Peaceful Space session is perfect if you have had recent illnesses, arguments, visitors or if you are wanting to sell or rent your property.

A Peaceful Space session is like energy housework - moving on vibrational density and then invoking a new fresh energy! 

And....for anyone who is moving into or building a new home of their own, talk to us about our lovely ceremonial practice for embedding and sealing your own family's special vibrational intentions into your home and land. 

*If you are interested in hearing a little more detail about our Peaceful Space sessions, shoot us an email request, and we'll send over our little Peaceful Space tips and information pack on this lovely service on creating conscious peace in your home or office space.