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 We get a lot of queries and questions on Distant Reiki - here's the complete low down of having Distant Reiki with me at The Peace Practice.

What if?’ Reiki questions:


*Can Reiki really be received across the cosmic waves?

*I am in London; you are in Perth, so how can I make an appointment for Reiki?

*Can you come to me for a Reiki appointment?

*I am in hospital, how can I book a Reiki session?

*I work long days and only can do late evening appointments, how can I have a Reiki session?

*It’s too far for me to come to you. Do you do home visits?


If you’re familiar with Reiki you may have heard of Distant Reiki before. The practice of sending Reiki to someone, at another place, another time – or even in another country.


*Is this even possible? 

*How does that even work?

*Why would you have Reiki this way?..


*Is it effective?


Let me unpack these questions for you.


  • Firstly - Absolutely! It is indeed possible and very effective. Reiki practitioners are taught this method early on in their training and many offer the alternative of a Distant, non-contact session in the comfort of your own home.




  • The foundations of Reiki teach that everything is energy. We are energy. Everything we do, think, feel, are all forms of energy, all running at different frequencies and these vibrations in turn create a field surrounding us - our auric field. This incredible field of energy becomes a discerning receiver and transmitter processing through our chakras and meridian pathways, and it is always turned on and plugged into the Universe.  It is an astonishing energy storage unit and container of information that both receives and transmits from your body, your surroundings, your thoughts and feelings.


The Reiki practitioner is taught to connect by intention and their practices to transmit Reiki through the Universal grids of energy to their recipient without being physically present.  There is a ‘collapse’ of time and space in this process and the whole experience is incredibly effective.


  • How we do it at The Peace Practice -  An appointment/time is pre-arranged.


A series of short questions are asked prior to the session usually through a Zoom meet up or by email if that's not suitable, to give me an overview to your personal situation and preparatory suggestions are offered on how to make the best out of the session.  You are encouraged to relax completely creating a quiet sanctuary or private space in which to receive Reiki. It will be suggested to lie down comfortably, play some soft music, maybe light a candle and open your intention.


I intuitively draw an oracle or tarot card to offer an individual message.  I choose a Master crystal to use in the session aligned to the energies you specifically require at the time. After the session, I place this in a beautifully prepared crystal grid continuing to transmit the energy to you for the following week.


I will lead you through a short meditative process to help you relax and receive. The energy is downloaded to transmit through your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. Once the session has completed, we reconnect on Zoom for an in person discussion or a follow up consultation PDF can be arranged by email for the next day, outlining the transmission, the energies of the card and the crystal used and making any necessary recommendations.  


  • You may find it useful to consider this option if you:


  1. Have limited time constraints and are busy
  2. Have kids or other obligations in the home
  3. Are unable to travel,
  4. Are house bound,
  5. Immune compromised,
  6. Are managing a disability, injury or are unwell
  7. In hospital or at home recovering from surgery or illness
  8. Undergoing lengthy treatment or recovery processes (such as chemotherapy / broken bones / birth of child etc etc)
  9. Are Socially distancing or in quarantine
  10. Are living or staying overseas or away from your usual surroundings



  • The transmissions of Reiki are gentle, nurturing and always given in the vibration of love.


Every person is different with his or her personal experiences during the session. People have reported heightened relaxation, physical sensations, release of difficult symptoms, feeling the energy move through the body and almost always, a sense of wellbeing and calm afterwards.


Some will feel a lot, others not so much physically. Regardless of the experience, Reiki sessions work on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual layers of the body and auric system and the subtleness unfolds a path to help smooth out discordant energies, symptoms and to bring in new fresh energy for vitality and joy. Holding the energetic space with Reiki balances and realigns the vibrational body and aura.  When you are feeling composed, centred and grounded this encourages a natural activation of your own intrinsic healing abilities to arise on many levels.


  • In this unchartered territory that we are all navigating globally I believe the graceful and sacred energy of Reiki may assist you greatly to soothe and soften the confusion, anxiety and angst that is throwing us [and our communities] out of alignment and flow.


  • If this feels like this is what you need right now, if this calls to your soul level and resonates with you, or if you feel wobbly or insecure or unsupported, let me help you hold your own energetic space in strength and balance. In the comfort of your own home, with the nurturing cocoon of Reiki, for calm and peace, we can move through these challenging times and traverse the change with more ease of being.


What the clients think about this session

"Many thanks for this much needed session.  I felt the energy come in and fell asleep for awhile.  Must have needed it.  I felt as if I was in an incubator, warm and nurturing."  K. V. [name withheld for privacy] 

"I really enjoyed last night's session and some of the things you mentioned really resonated with me. I will definitely be in touch and I am going to recommend your remote sessions to some of my friends that are into Reiki. Thanks again." R.P. [name withheld for privacy]

"Thank you so much for yesterday.  It was absolutely so relaxing.  I have also been having a lot of pain in my legs and they were all tingly and feel much better today."  and then a further update a few days later:  "My throat is fixed!"  C.C. [name withheld for privacy]





1 HOUR $85 (Recommended for initial session or for deeper immersion)

40 mins $65 (Recommended for follow up and boosts of energy sessions)