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The workshop exceeded all expectations.  The presentation was perfect!  I love going to Reiki Shares and the constant support given post Reiki course.  I found the structure of the class very fluid, informative and perfect for learning.  I loved learning the history and techniques before starting to practice.  Very calm, supportive environment and Elaine is an excellent teacher who explained everything very thoroughly!  Would recommend her to anyone.

Meghan Nugent [Certified in The First Acquaintance, Level 1 Reiki & Walking the Path Level 2 Reiki Training]

Beautiful experience from the moment I walked through the door. Thank you Elaine for your warm and professional energy. I thoroughly enjoyed my first Reiki experience and look forward to more to come.

Krystle O'Neil [Reiki Session]

I had a wonderful Reiki session with Elaine. She is kind and warm, which made the experience all the more enjoyable. Thanks you Elaine.

Jodi Johns-Rakich [Reiki Session]

Thank you so much for sesh yesterday - I felt a whole heap better today - I love your voodoo!

Gabrielle [Reiki Session]

I loved my first Reiki session for many years and was amazed at the heat and energy from your hands. Such a lovely experience and I will definitely be back!

Jane Ponsonby [Reiki Session]

Elaine's ability to provide a safe space and allow the placement connection to the Reiki energy to happen so beautifully, was a very positive experience.  I could not recommend Elaine enough for her beautifully curated Reiki Level 1 Course and the Reiki Placement she gave me.  It was pure, heart felt and just the right amount of education and practice. Elaine goes above and beyond always and I can't wait to work with her again.

Krystle O'Neil [Certified in The First Acquaintance, Level 1 Reiki Training]

Many thanks for this much needed session! I felt the energy come in and fell asleep for a while.  I must have needed it.  I felt I was in an incubator, warm and nurturing.  

K.V. [Distant Reiki Session]

The Course with you was more than I could have wished for, the girls were absolutely beautiful to learn with and your teaching made it all such a pleasant, beautiful experience, thank you so much! 

C.P [Certified in The First Acquaintance, Reiki Level 1 Training]

Thank you for a beautiful and loving experience, one I'll never forget !!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

P.L [Reiki Session]


If you are after an invigorating and sensational reiki session, Elaine at the Peace Practice is for you. Elaine has been integral to the dramatic changes to my life and coping with them in my most positive way. I will forever be grateful and will continue visiting Elaine for years to come

Jessie Krznaric

One of the most powerful, life changing experiences I have ever had in this little human life of mine!


"Since my session last week I am finding that living in the moment, with intention, is allowing me access to more joy & happiness on many levels.  I seem to have the ability to catch & change situations before they get out of control."

Anon (requested for privacy)

"I’m feeling very supported and confident that I know which direction I want to move in now with mind, body and spirit. I feel very blessed! I’m definitely going to be drawing on the reiki attunement energy - I might even meditate with it this afternoon!"

Anon (requested for privacy)

"Highly recommended way to start the New Year! Thank-you Elaine...I'm still vibrating

Anon (requested for privacy)

Thank you for the lovely experience today - it really means a lot


I am feeling absolutely amazing from the session.  Thank you so much.  I feel like the Reiki was the little golden gate that I needed to open, to start entering into my new fresh phase of growth.  

Elysha Librizzi [Reiki Session]

It's been quite the week, so I'm so glad I saw you for a reset beforehand!  I really felt the benefits of the session and have been feeling really positive aside from the week's challenges.  I also feel the session cleared the path for some very clear messages to come through from the Universe. 

Anon [withheld for privacy, Reiki Session]

I just wanted to say thank you so much for today and for going above and beyond for me.  It was truly an amazing experience. Sending hugs and a million thank yous.  I seem to be able to be the positivity and love that my friends, family and work colleagues need - but I forget to love myself!  You reminded me of that today in the session. 

Anon [name withheld for privacy, Reiki Session]


This morning I was invited to join in on the most beautiful meditation session I have ever been to.   Elaine  has been presenting a course called The Seed of Gold - Meditation Journey. Unfortunately I have only been able to attend to one of these sessions in the series. Thank you Elaine for the most divine surrounding that you created for everyone, it was breathtaking.  Feeling very peaceful and in the flow. You are one special creator!  

Gayle Barville

Elaine's meditations are simply beauiful, she leads you on a magical journey that makes you wish you could stay just a little  bit longer when it's time to return             

Debbie Eames

I love Elaine's meditation sessions.  She creates a beautiful welcoming space and her guided meditations are beautifully spoken, relaxing and comforting.

Pam Kenward


Since my session last week I am finding that living in the moment, with intention, is allowing me access to more joy and happiness on many levels.  I seem to have the ability to catch and change situations before they get out of control.  I am less quick to anger and can remain calm with much more ease. I am using the visualisation technique in my heart chakra, swirling colours of pink and gold forming a rose bud that opens with a white spinning 3D star in the middle, surrounded by purple.  I'm also using the "second spine" image to bolster the strength of my original spine.

P.B [withheld for privacy, Empowerment Attunement Session]

I've been putting the stones under my pillow and even without spending any other time, I feel a shift in my daily self so looking forward to learning/living more.  Thanks again, I really loved the session.

C.K. [withheld for privacy]

The workshop was very well organised, comprised of a small group of 4.  It was in-depth, informative and practical.  Elaine was very knowledgeable and inspirational, she helped me understand the power of Reiki, how to practice and use it on others.  She ensured that every step was fully understood.  Thank you Elaine for being such an amazing teacher. The class has impacted me in such positive ways.  I have learned about the energies around my body, how to work with healing energy, including the ethics of working with other people.  It has provided me with a sense of self awareness of what is going on inside my body and mind.  I felt cleansed, balanced , grounded and restored.  It has inspired a change in my views and behaviour about my own situation. The workshop was a mind blowing experience. I have learned a lot about Reiki during those two days and cannot thank you enough for this wonderful opportunity. 

Anon [withheld for privacy, Certified The First Acquaintance, Reiki Level 1 Training]

Wow!  I loved every second of this!

@elllastarr [online Reiki infused Meditation]




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