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Our Peace Room is situated in the beautiful premises of
Elysium Spa, 64 Angove Street, North Perth.
Bookings are available every Wednesday and Friday  -or by arrangement.


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   Elaine on 0412 886 813
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    The Peace Session (1 hour) $80
      1 hour of sheer relaxation! You lie down, fully clothed to receive a graceful transfer of Reiki. A wonderful Japanese energy therapy to balance the body & gently encourage itself towards self healing.
        Block of Peace $280 (Block of 4 / 1 hour sessions at $70 per session)

            Buy a block of 4 Peaceful Reiki Sessions and save $40.  Perfect for ongoing sessions or that perfect gift. Can be used at your convenience over a six month period.  Commit to your body, mind and spirit!


              Peace at a Distance $55 (45 minutes)

                Reiki can be invoked and channeled across time and space by intent. Reiki as such know no boundaries and this energy vibration can be used on persons, spaces and across various time lines.  From the comfort of your own home, this session is by an arranged appointment.



                The Peaceful Chakras $65 (45 minutes)

                A beautiful restorative, one on one meditation session, combined with a balancing of your Chakra centres using the vibrational transfer of sound infusions and Reiki energy.  Relaxing, balancing, healing.


                The Peaceful Matrix $90 (1 hour)

                Intuitively working with various integrative energies including Reiki, we use meditation techniques and the Language of the Soul (Light Language) as a vibrational transfer of self-healing activation in these sessions. 

                Sound carries many messages and vibrations and this language transfer speaks to your inner core being to assist the activation of the crystalline consciousness of your human being.  When our consciousness begins to activate we connect deeply to our higher selves and also the collective consciousness of the world.  We begin the journey to move beyond our own singularity and explore our own life path and purpose as part of the global perspective.

                We truly can begin a new pathway to peace and joy.  These sessions are beneficial for those who have begun to forge a pathway to their New Earth.


                  The Peaceful Space 
                  (please contact for quote and time frame according to your individual requirements)

                    This is a beautiful energy sweep and clearing of your home or workspace using various space clearing techniques, rituals and then overlighting the space with infusions of Reiki to infuse a fresh, new vibrancy.  We tailor these sessions to suit your specific requirements and will be pleased to quote without obligation.

                    We can arrange a general space alignment of energies for those who are moving in or moving out, those who are finding their homes or spaces are a little 'sticky', dull or blocked and are finding that their lives are not flowing in alignment with their dreams.

                    We all understand how arguments can hang around in the air or difficult circumstances can affect the occupants of a space. So having a Peaceful Space session is perfect if you have had recent illnesses, arguments, visitors or if you are wanting to sell or rent your property.

                    A Peaceful Space session is like energy housework - moving on vibrational density and then invoking a new fresh energy! 

                    And....for anyone who is moving into or building a new home of their own, talk to us about our lovely ceremonial practice for embedding and sealing your own family's special vibrational intentions into your home and land. 

                    *If you are interested in hearing a little more detail about our Peaceful Space sessions, submit your email to our mailing list on our website or shoot us an email request, and we'll send over our little Peaceful Space tips and information pack on this lovely service on creating conscious peace in your home or office space.


                    The Peaceful Tarot  $65

                    It is important to note, this is not a face to face session.  Cards are drawn in a personalised Tarot spread and drawn specifically for you.  You will receive a written PDF of your reading as well as photographs of the spread.  Please allow 3-4 days.

                    The written analysis is in-depth and is aligned as a general overview of your life at this point of time. The cards will direct you to possibilities that lie out in the cosmos for you to bring your life and situations to a point of peace.

                    These sessions can be purchased by gift voucher for someone else but the recipient must contact us directly to give permission for us to read on their behalf. (Please note, we cannot read for someone else without their knowledge.)

                    Correspondence pre-session can be over the phone or by email.

                    You can head over to our free monthly Peaceful Tarot readings for the collective consciousness here to give you an idea of the style of our readings.


                    Gift Certificates
                    Gift certificates are available to purchase. These beautiful certificates are a high quality card with envelope  and can be redeemed on products or sessions. They come creatively gift wrapped, accompanied by one of our special signature Seeds of Peace and can be sent directly if required to the recipient.  Please contact us to discuss.