All About Reiki

The sacred Reiki energy

By Elaine MacLeod

Usui / Holy Fire III® / Karuna Reiki® Master Practitioner / Teacher - Meditation Guide & Peace Practitioner

The Peace Practice, Reiki

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The Peace Practice follows the Reiki ancestry of founder, Mikao Usui (1865-1926). I have been attuned and received my Master Teacher Certification in Usui / Holy Fire III® / Karuna Reiki®  from Reiki Master, Susan Harris. I stand 6th in lineage to Mikao Usui.
Reiki can be likened to a meditation of energy. Reiki is a gentle hands on, natural, vibrational transfer of universal life source energy that will assist the body to activate and gently encourage its own intrinsic knowledge of self-healing. The Usui Reiki system originated in Japan in the 1920's, where it has been passed down through the ages to become a globally practiced and accepted form of natural, alternative health and wellness therapy.




  • Reiki activates and helps maintain a lasting relaxation response
  • Relieves exhaustion and the feelings of overwhelm
  • Stimulates your physical body's natural ability to heal
  • Reiki supports other medical and traditional therapies without impacting them
  • Reiki is THE most profound treatment for stress relief - because it concentrates on calming the body


  • Reiki comforts your soul
  • Connects you to live your life experiences through your heart space
  • Gently influences your entire being towards a state of harmonious equilibrium
  • Aligns scattered energies
  • Encourages a connection to your inner soul/life purpose
  • Reiki helps you find peace

In the very simplest of explanations it is always YOU that heals. For it is you that makes the changes.  It is your intention that is required. It is you that needs to show up for yourself.  Reiki is energy channeled from Universal Source.  This energy resides in all things and it is within us. A Reiki practitioner is the perfect "tool" to use to show you how to reconnect to your own energy and Reiki is a beautiful reminder that this energy is indeed an integral part of our being.  By introducing Reiki into your life you will begin to remind yourself and understand just how to tap back into a purposeful and conscious flow in your life. 

For these reasons I personally describe Reiki as a way to journey back to Source. Not the only way of course, but channelling or receiving this subtle and sacred universal energy, is to channel or receive the very light and vibration of the seed of creation itself.

The graceful energy flow of a Reiki treatment does not focus precisely on specifics, such as an illness, condition or symptom. Indeed you do not even have to be ill to enjoy the benefits of Reiki. It is often said that Reiki has its own intelligence and will balance and integrate the self to bring oneself back to equilibrium and healing in body and mind. 

Reiki is a beautiful and natural aid in releasing stress and tension from the entire system and to help restore and activate the rememberings of the natural healing mechanisms of the body.  When we reconnect to our inner selves we reconnect to Source and to the wider human collective.  We then begin the journey back to peace and to living in a fluid and harmonious way.

The vibrational transmission can feel like a superb radiance of warmth and light that infuses and ‘communicates’ with your physical, etheric and auric bodies. Reiki moves through the grids and chakra portals of the body to allow life force to flow as it was naturally intended and to restore alignment and a sense of deep relaxation and peace. Peace of mind. Peace of heart, peace of humanity and peace within. It brings you towards the reconnection of self. To Source. The very essence of you. In perfection.



How does it work? 

Science and medicine are slowly beginning to support and recognise the many subtleties of Reiki energy transfers and of many other ancient and revered vibrational  techniques for well being. These alternative practices are not fully understood yet but are proving over time and use in mainstream society to have great therapeutic value as the mysteries and the pathway to wellness, although complicated, is slowly being unraveled.

There are no formal diagnosis processes and Reiki works

  • alongside any conventional, complementary or alternative treatments
  • with no known side effects or contra indications.
  • with many mainstream medical support programmes and hospitals providing access to Reiki as part of a complementary programme to traditional care.

A healthy body is one that is in balance, that is robust and one that can therefore withstand a certain amount of stress and environmental exposure through its own inbuilt system that maintains equilibrium.


  • tiredness
  • anxiety
  • life or family difficulties,
  • emotional problems 
  • exposure to challenging environmental factors
  • intense or consistent build up of stress
  • hereditary tendencies 
- Can result in the body showing symptoms of:
  • unbalance
  • declining health
  • compromised sleep
  • sadness or depression
  • illness and disease
The more obvious levels of research will show the Reiki process can improve
  • the body's ability to synchronise itself to health
  • heart rate and blood pressure
  • the over production of stress hormones
  • the relaxation response
Reiki helps a person move back to physical health through altering the platform on which the body is working on - from a stressful platform to one that is more congruent to allow the healing to occur.
Reiki assists in:
  • releasing tension and stress from the entire system.
  • restoring the unique balance within the mind, body and spirit by activating the natural healing mechanisms of the body to function more effectively from a harmonious structure

On a more esoteric level the life force (Ki) energy - fed from the entirety of the Universe, the energy that resides within, the energy that is without, the energy that we are, that is everything that exists - is channeled through the support of a practitioner. Thus it gently reminds us that the pathway to peace, to self-healing and to well being is within us all. Reiki becomes the prompt on an energetic vibrational level that it is possible to achieve wellness through connection with the source of that energy.

This energy is all responsive and Reiki heals by flowing through the energy fields of the etheric and auric bodies, in and through the physical, breaking down and clearing negative blocks and creating balance allowing life force to flow as it was naturally intended.


Distance Reiki energy

Reiki can be invoked and channelled by the practitioner across time and space by intent. Reiki as such know no boundaries and this energy vibration can be used on persons, spaces and across various time lines.

Distance Reiki works according to the Universal belief of The One Consciousness - that is we are all connected, we are all energy matter and part of a larger collective whole. By working within these precepts the practitioner is able to link into the energy field of the recipient and direct the Universal life force energy of Reiki according to these principles.

Each of us has access to this life force (often known as Chi, Qi or Prana) as it flows through each and every living form. Distance Reiki provides a way to link and channel this force for the benefit of others.


Please visit our complete explanation of the process of Distant Reiki with me at The Peace Practice HERE



In some of my workshops and sessions  I also work with and integrate Reiki with other modalities.  These may include some or all - Crystal placements, Creative Journeying and Sound Immersion techniques using the vibration of healing tones through drumming, crystal bowls, tuning forks and at times, working with the Language of Light (Soul Language).

The language becomes a vibration channel of sound and frequency holding codes of realignment and healing while forming a thread of connection to the deeper cellular levels within the body.  As well as the Source energy of Reiki, in these sessions I also bring through various meditation techniques and forms of Spiritual Healing which are intuitively offered according to the needs of the individual. If you are interested more in the Language of Light, please speak to me personally.


The Peace Practice practices the art of being in Peace.....


with love, Elaine


The Peace Practice is honoured to support reforestation with One Tree Planted / @onetreeplanted as part of our commitment to sustainability. 


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