Reiki Training



Have you heard about Reiki, been curious and wondered about it, but not really understood quite what it is? Or have you always wanted to explore the Reiki energy and experience it for yourself but never knew where to start? Or maybe you’ve had a session and loved it and would love to learn more?

Absolutely anyone can learn Reiki – anyone. No previous experience or pre-requisites are required. It is a beautiful and gentle practice - simple to learn and yet profound, as it always offers a perfectly divine experience!

Reiki is taught in levels (degrees) and the programmes at The Peace Practice offer variations in the ways workshops are offered.

Courses are held in either small, intimate learning groups or private workshops (for individual tuition or for a maximum of two people). Please contact for more information on dates, costs and venue.

Courses are taught in the tradition of Usui / Holy Fire III® Reiki and guided by Elaine MacLeod from The Peace Practice. Elaine is a qualified Usui / Holy Fire III® / Karuna Reiki® Master Practitioner and Teacher.



Meditate on new possibilities. Take a deep breath, centre yourself and just imagine what would happen if….

  • You could easily access a state of internal peace,
  • You can soothe stressful situations and settle anxiety
  • You meet the challenges in your life with gracefulness
  • You become the healer of yourself
  • You make conscious responses to life, rather than unconscious reactions
  • You step into a more balanced and joyful wellness of being

Take another deep beautiful breath and know that

  • This IS indeed possible.
  • And…YOU can learn to do this.

 Take another conscious breath; inhale slowly and purposefully connecting to this concept of living in a peaceful state of being. Exhale and release, any blocks or restrictions you have to believing how amazing you are.

 And now with your next inhale, envision that you are able to empower your life and take a Reiki journey within to manifest this peace into your world.

 Breathe. Smile. Let this vibration become you.








Private workshops or small groups
For those certified in 1st Degree 
For those certified in 2nd Degree 




The First Acquaintance Reiki 2 day Workshop

(Fully Certified Course)  A Reiki Journey for Self-Healing

Private one on one or small group workshops available.Please email with your expression of interest and we will be in touch with details of the curriculum



It's all about you...

First Degree will concentrate on self-healing, energy balancing and by the very nature of Reiki also presents a unique introduction to your own spiritual journey. It will help you deal with and balance the many pressures of modern life in a very practical and mindful way.

The First Acquaintance offers an immersion into these teachings and beautiful energy, feeling into the vibrations of peace, meditation, contemplation and the practices of self-healing and love.

This course teaches you how to look after yourself first, then others and you will learn how to practice as a self-treatment and, on another person.

Reiki is hands-on and this workshop allows ample time to work with the energy in a very practical way and you will finish feeling fully confident in working with the energy. 

Importantly,  this course also offers on going support after your initial training.


What our students say about this course:

"The workshop exceeded all expectations.  The presentation was perfect!  I love going to Reiki Shares and the constant support given post the Reiki course.  I found the structure of the class very fluid, informative and perfect for learning.  I loved learning the history and techniques before starting to practice.  Very calming, supportive environment and Elaine is an excellent teacher who explained everything very thoroughly!  Would recommend her to anyone." Meghan Nugent / Certified in The First Acquaintance - Level 1 

"The course with you was more than I could have wished for, the girls were absolutely beautiful to learn with and your teaching made it all such a pleasant, beautiful experience, thank you so much!"  C.P / Certified in The First Acquaintance - Level 1

"Elaine's ability to provide a safe space and allow the alignment to the Reiki energy to happen so beautifully was a very positive experience.  I could not recommend Elaine enough for her beautifully curated Reiki Level 1 Course and the Reiki placement she gave me. It was pure, heart felt, and just the right amount of education and practice.  Elaine goes above and beyond always and I can't wait to work with her again."  Krystle O'Neil - Certified in The First Acquaintance - Level 1






Walking the Path

a Reiki journey for your transformation  

 2 day Reiki Workshop (Fully Certified Course)

small intimate group to be held in North Perth. For curriculum and more information,  please email:  


It is all about unfolding the understanding...

Second Degree will advance your understanding and use of the Reiki energy and practices.

This workshop initiates your consciousness to the revered Reiki healing symbols and the practice of healing across distance, time and space.

Placing you in a deepened connection to your studies you will delve further into the understanding and emotional level of healing and will be able to bring your practice to a professional level if desired. 

Continuing ongoing support is offered after your certification is received.

Pre-requisite - First Degree Certification required (other lineages accepted). It is desirable that certification has been held for a period of (at least) two months.



Embracing the Master -  Reiki Workshop
(Fully Certified Course)
A Reiki Journey for Mastership

By invitation for students working with The Peace Practice

For other lineages, please contact with your expression of interest to discuss further.   


It's all about evolving with the consciousness...

The Master Workshop is an advanced course where we fully immerse in the teachings, honouring the traditions and yet standing in our own sovereignty and understanding of our personal relationship with the energies of the Universe. 

We ignite the high vibration of the Usui Master Symbol as it is placed within our own spiritual awareness. We explore the all-encompassing empowerment of this transformative journey and open our consciousness more fully to the Holy Fire III® system of Reiki and the Holy Fire III® ignition.

This course provides you the necessary knowledge to begin the teaching journey with this method of Reiki to others if you so desire, or as a deepened connection to your own personal spiritual practice and/or professional work with Reiki. 

This workshop teaches us that we are always both a student and a teacher and how to travel on the path with this understanding.

This course equips you to be an independent Reiki Master Practitioner and Teacher of Usui / Holy Fire III® Reiki.

Pre-requisite - Both First & Second Degree Certification required (other lineages accepted). It is desirable that Second Degree Certification has been held for a period of (at least) six months.




 Master / Teacher Level
The Journey -  Reiki Workshop
(Fully Certified Course)
A Reiki Journey to Compassionate Action

By invitation for students working with The Peace Practice

For other lineages, please contact with your expression of interest to discuss further.  


It's always all about are they, you are she, he and them...

Karuna Reiki® is taught only to those who are already Usui Reiki Masters and who wish to further expand their knowledge and experiences of the Reiki energy healing system. 

The word Karuna means compassionate action in Sanskrit and the Karuna Reiki® symbols begin to unfold further refined and multi level frequencies and connection to Universal Life Force energy - Reiki.

You will receive Ignitions to the Karuna Reiki® symbols and to the Holy Fire III® Reiki and an understanding of the gentle and compassionate vibration of these evolved teachings. 

This training allows you the necessary knowledge to teach these methods to others should you so desire as an independent Usui / Holy Fire III® / Karuna Reiki® Master Practitioner and Teacher.

Pre-requisites: Must be certified to Master Level in Usui Reiki (other lineages accepted) for a period of (at least) 6 months




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Trees clean our air and water, provide homes for wildlife, and contribute to our health and livelihoods. 

That's why we plant trees with One Tree Planted / @onetreeplanted

For every workshop place booked, The Peace Practice plants one tree!