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The Peace Practice draws a monthly tarot card from our favourite deck, The Wild Unknown.  We look at what message the card might hold for us as a Universal Human Collective, from the perspective of Peace.  How might we find Peace in the story unfolding for the month ahead?  What do we need to learn to come to this place of Peace?  How do we find Peace within any challenges and messages the card brings?

Welcome to the July 2017 post of our Peaceful Tarot series

The Eight of Wands

Is this the pivotal time? There is the fusion of many facets coming through to the one central core. Plugged in. Turned on. Activated.

This month may well be the month!

There has been denseness around with shards of light moving and dancing, teasing – sometimes even shimmering, but it has remained quite dark for the most part.

Moving through the layers and now in the centre, the middle of the egg, the light has been let through. All those things, all those desires, all that work, have led you to this point in time.

And that point is lit up and ready to go. What is it you seek? What is it I seek? What is it we seek? Have we prepared? Are we really ready for this?

The Wild Unknown Tarot, 8 of Wands

Each and every person has sown their seed. A seed for some sort of change to occur. A little seed of peace that echoes the beauty and inspiration around that and is growing towards the light. Sure, it’s taken its time in sprouting. Sure, the darkness dragged us in at times. Sure, it has not been that easy. Sure, we threw out some wands around the ether and made a wish or two, an affirmation or three. Sure, we sometimes wondered if we were ever going to see the light. But it seems for the most part we kept a dribble of water on that growth, we tended the ground around it.

Well it has yielded. You spoke. It answered.

The Wild Unknown Tarot, 8 of Wands

And so how is our vibration feeling now? Look carefully around you this month at what is lighting up in your life. Is this your true desire? Is this what you really wanted? If you herald with a sense of joy, this month will bring a sense of peace.

Many blessings,


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