You are invited to 2022 - BYO Unicorn!

You are invited to 2022
Dress: Nothing Pink or Come As You Are
Everyone Welcome
Time: 1/12/2022 12.01pm - 31/12/2022 11.59pm
BYOU (Bring your own Unicorn)
zebra unicorn dressed for a party

I see lots of talking of late about how "damaging" too much Love and Light can be. You know, too much pretty stuff - not standing in the shadows long enough and owning the space there. Light-filled conversations give unrealistic, overly optimistic expectations...urging more realism to carry, feel and see how it really is. That kind of narrative.

And I, too, was writing in a post here a couple of months back about a pink, fluffy kind of love, Unicorns and fairy floss. You know, the sort you see manufactured on birthday cards for children aged young?

And I said it was not needed at this time.

Instead, what WAS required was a non-negotiable serious, heartfelt love infusion, pumped into humanity like blood to a vein.

Well, I still agree with the others and myself! (Smiling). Love and Light are pretty hard to maintain and seem very pink at times. But I have to add a postscript bit here. I didn't mean to express to you that Unicorns weren't EVER required. We may need to tone the shades of pink, but...

...Without a Unicorn, there is a possibility that we will flat-line. You know, not be able to sustain ANY love giving. (And, it's clear we need some!), Too much effort to do forevermore. We can manage for a week or so, but it's hard keeping it going.
Beep out to a blip on the screen. Nah Da!

"Hey, you! Go stand back in the shadows!" They cried.

It may indeed be challenging to maintain the outgoing and ongoing heartbeat of love required for this global healing without a Unicorn at your side. If you haven't experienced a Unicorn personally, you may not know what I mean. But, if you have, then this will resonate. I will assume you have, as you've all been a child, aged young.

A gentle reminder to the ones no longer so young, or with a haze in the memory, as to how it works:

The magic lies in the Unicorn's horn. Without it, this mythical creature would be known as a horse. Set at the third eye, the horn or Alicorn is etched with the unique spirals of the Universal life force. Within each winding curve holds a plethora of ancient wisdom. A University of knowledge, or more. (And, it must not be forgotten, great healing Magic! (Yes. Magic with a capital!)

The Unicorn appears visually to those who see from their own third eye. (To see them requires only one active eye, but if there is only one, then it must be the third). But, it is essential not to be despondent if your own third eye is not activated. You can simply believe they are there.

The Unicorn is seen this way, but they are on a different dimensional Divide. The sight of the third can cross over and view in this Divide.

Enough people have seen the Unicorns. They are immortalised in paintings of old, in the hearts of the young, in the mysteries of lore and inked into the language of tales, so there is no doubt they roam. And they call us. Often. Their haunting sound is carried in the winds; they call us home. Home to ourselves.

Through the portal of the third eye, home can be seen through our inner vision. It will first appear as a gateway to the heart space which holds the higher states of consciousness, on whose Divide and plains, the Unicorns roam free and wild.

This is where we can tap into perception beyond the ordinary, beyond the somewhat clouded view of a directed collective narrative. We can rise above the fog of thoughts, the confusion, the noise and the angst that permeates on this side of the Divide to see what it is we see. Or have missed seeing.

And the tap, tap, tap that you hear in the ring of truth, the tap you feel on your shoulder sometimes, is the Unicorn horn tapping on your soul. It is best you listen, else it may stop visiting.

It's oft said, ancient Alchemists may have trapped the Unicorn under the light of the moon, by the golden river, with the song of a virgin, to harness the power of the Alicorn. They then ceremonially powdered and administered to render poisoned water pure and deliver as a healing potion for exotic but unknown ailments. But, these days, we know better. There is no need to trap a Unicorn. They freely give of themselves. They are love. So, we simply answer their call.

Listen in, listen close. Then once connected, trace the spiral on the horn and unlock the ancient knowledge they show you that was once whispered to you and embedded deep into your soul. Trust what you see with your three eyes; trust what you know. Only that which YOU know to be true is trustworthy.

With a Unicorn at your side or with its head resting gently on your lap, you can trace your fingers through its Alicorn spiral path. This unlocks the way to transcend boundaries to ever-flowing love. A Love that flows with an effortless grace to each cell of your body and to the bodies of mankind and every sentient beings on Earth. They can illuminate shadows. This is the medicine of the Unicorn.

Unicorn Magic holds power to bring clarity and purity, all that may be tainted or less than. And it does so with unconditional love. The incredible healing power of love.

The Unicorns are waiting; they call on us for a leap of faith. A leap out of our own shadows, leaving our pink sweater behind, to jump on their back, riding into the great winds, towards love.

Tap. Tap. Tap.

Will we answer?

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