Love that is not negotiable

Close up of a pink rose
It’s simply not negotiable.

The solutions to our global trauma can unfold from our collective creative hearts. There is no one solution. But there is one energy that will allow the multitudes of infinite possibilities to arise if we non negotiably bring this to the forefront of everything.

We have to love more, care more, be more.

The time has come. We simply have to face it head-on. The world as we knew it has turned upside down and has tipped itself out, spilling confusion all over the place.

There has been a global scramble to mop up, put the pieces back in the box, but that hasn’t been going that well. The mop that’s being used is expensive, and the cleanup chemicals are causing concerns.

So what to do? We have to love more.

And I mean this. Straight face, hand on heart. We seriously have to. Not in a light, fluffy pink kind of unicorn way. In a robust and steadfast heartbeat way. No nonsense, non-negotiable, love.

In the same way, the heart beats the blood. It beats strong, steady and the blood flows. It is not wishy-washy. It knows what to do. And it does it.

We know what to do. But we haven’t done it. And we’re standing in the middle of a spill. We knocked it over. It’s up to us to clean it up.

We need to, non negotiably, look at all our actions, thoughts, relationships, conversations, way of being, way of life, creations, planning, dealings, business, personal stuff, all our stuff - everything, collectively, personally, and globally. And, non negotiably, infuse them with love.

Whether you are a hospitality worker, an engineer, a tradie, a doctor, a senator, a retailer, a lover, a fighter, a friend, a banker, a pensioner, or someone who stays at home, anyone else….it matters not. We all can practice working harder with the universal energy of love.

We need to individually (and then collectively) analyse our systems, governments, businesses, communities, peoples, lands, families, poor, rich, science, and spiritual lives and cultures. Everything. Bit by bit. From the ground up. And, non negotiably, infuse them with love. Honour that which is of love, move to change that which is not.

We need to do it in our own homes first, in our own communities, with our own families, our businesses, our work, our own gardens, and our own shopping lists. We have to look in our own rubbish bins and listen carefully to the stories we tell ourselves at bedtime so we can sleep at night. We need to own our own s..t.

Consider if every person, every child infused love into every word they uttered, every moment they breathed, every action they took - how very different our world would be. It would change in a heartbeat.

Consider if we loved and cared for everybody on this planet as we love and care for our dearest ones - how compassion and consideration would be the keys to open new doors.

Consider if we taught this concept to our children. If we showed them really how to love in a broad, global way. If we taught them not to judge. To always be, but not always do. To love, not hate. To have ease of being, not fear. To honour all life, in every form.

Imagine how different our decisions would be if we looked with love, infused and bought in the vibration of love into everything.

Have I lost you already? It’s not possible? What about the impossible? How could we love those people, things, situations, or all that or who appear so dark, so ugly, so cruel?

I do hear you as I hear myself say this also, and I might have lost your attention because we just all are so used to blindly being lost. We wander around in remote-controlled fear. We’ve lost hope - or maybe we just gave it away? But we need to pick up our hope, and we need to wear it out in public.

All. Everything. Is an expression of some part of ourselves as a collective. Look at what we allow, encourage, tolerate, teach. Love will
express only itself as a matching vibration.

As we scramble to mop the spill and put it all back together with the way it was, we must consider WHAT goes back. What is serving human unity? What is the best path for humanity now? Love is the only answer. Anything that does not have that underlying energetic signature will ultimately cause another disaster. So don’t put those things back in the box.

We have the incredible opportunity to return to love. There is no real roadmap to return to “normal”. We should avoid at all costs to return there. Please don’t rush to get back to where you were. It may not be comfortable, but what this is, at present, isn’t either. Please don’t fear the change. We need change as there is the opportunity for real, lasting change. This must come from every one of us first and foremost. Our businesses, creatives, changemakers, and thought leaders will unfold, along with elected representatives reflecting and honouring the underlying foundation. The solutions will come fast and rise to the surface. They are already there waiting for us.

If you dig down deep, you know you know. And we also know we know how to do this. And we also know we can do this.

There is no time to waste; it is non-negotiable if we want a better world for our children. For ourselves. The science, the medicines, the technology, the communication systems, media, and the industrial platforms are all fantastic, incredible opportunities for mankind to move into levels beyond our imaginings - but only if infused with love - for the greater good.

If not, we spill.

We have lost our connection to love. We have lost our connection to our beautiful planet, our Earth. We have lost connection to our inner selves, our bodies. To each other.

Our mind is a divine tool for us to use, designed to think, create, plan, but we have allowed our minds to lead us in a merry dance, like a rampant, shocking, shouting and fearful “thing” that runs our lives in negative loops of fear and shifts us to singular, unconnected action.

The mind is too dominant; collective hives of mind are buzzing out of control. We need to infuse the heart into the mind. We need to pump collective love through the collective Spirit. And we need to do it now. Everyone. Every individual, one (and all may follow). Today. The next thought you have, the next word you speak, the following action you take.

It starts with you. With me, her, him, they, them. And it will ripple quickly. Ask yourself, “am I in the vibration of love?” Or “am I in the vibration of fear?” Do not feed the fear. Non-negotiable, move to love, concentrate only on building a life of love, from where you are - right now.

Fear will spill over your feet; it is hard to clean up. It creeps over everyone else’s shoes. Love disperses and travels into the air and is breathed in by all. Then it softly moves into the cells and atoms of the body, uplifts the Spirit and changes the world.

Be the change. Be love.

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