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The Peace Practice draws a monthly tarot card from our favourite deck, The Wild Unknown.  We look at what message the card might hold for us, as a Universal Human Collective, from the perspective of Peace. How might we find Peace in the story unfolding for the month ahead? What do we need to learn to come to this place of Peace?  How do we find Peace within any challenges and messages the card brings?

Welcome to the November 2017 post of our Peaceful Tarot series


Aaaah, Temperance, it so happens in December 2016 Temperance was also drawn for The Peaceful Tarot.

Almost, not quite a year and she flies in again. Are we learning the same lesson? Let us see. You might first like to visit last year’s reading and revise her message at the time.

Temperance December 2016

Temperance The Wild Unknown 

Temperance indicates the need to stay balanced and moderate in your approach to life, practicing tolerance and compassion in co-operation with all beings as well as giving and receiving, merging and harnessing excessiveness in both thought and actions.

There is a required patience embedded in the Temperance card. A combining of forces, of joining with others to achieve the vision you hold dear and close to your heart.

Today she talks to me also about the importance of integration. Just as the elegant heron is focussing on integrating the fluid movement of water into the raging burn of fire, all of us are integrating the many teachings, way showings and wonderments that have been given to us from every star, every movement of the moon, every planetary alignment and the many avenues opening to new awareness on our beloved Gaia. Heron is poised, carefully, calmly and is considering her movement and action carefully. Can such opposites meld? Can such separateness become a one?

It has been a bit of a full on year. Download after download, shift after shift, grids, portals closing, portals opening, solar flares, full moons, eclipses, gateways. Moving us, changing us with the intensity of high doses of adrenalin. And with the adrenalin come the highs – then the lows – then the flight and the fight. Then another breakthrough, and back to feeling like - we have ‘got this’! (If we were wearing hats you would have done yourself well if they still perch on your head.)

It has been quite a ride. Not all bad of course. Exhilarating. Exciting. Disconcerting at times, yes - but so is all change. We have learnt much about ourselves. Cleared a lot of stuff and thrown it to the cosmic winds. Layer after layer we dutifully peeled it all off. And just when we sit down to pat ourselves on the back some of it appears to be coming round again. So this is a little confusing. Did we not deal with it? Did we not neutralise it?

Temperance The Wild Unknown

We did indeed. And did a good job on the most part. From our singular, individual level and perspective we are on track to embrace our new reality and step into a New Earth. But just for now we may need to further integrate, blend and settle.

Some of us are finding we are revisiting more of the same - that which we had thought we had singularly cleared. But, we are not to despair. We are just being given the opportunity to observe it differently - this time from a collective experience. A combined point of view. We saw it from our own singular self and now we can view it anew with our freshly opened wisdom from the grids, the full moon and the solar flares through the eyes of the collective consciousness. By such a different focus into the same situations we also do our bit in clearing and smoothing the collective karmic ties they hold.

We now are being moved to operate as One. I am you, you are me. I am the World, You are the World so we be the World. So how do we blend those opposites, those experiences, those circumstances, those lessons from that standpoint?

So stand and breathe, allow your singular experiences to blend and morph as if it was a collective one. How might we view it differently? How might we react now? What are we seeing for others? If something is happening to you, it is happening to me, to them and to the others that are part of the One. Think of the collective human consciousness being the body and you as your singular self, being a cell within. Single, yes, but connected - and so much a part of each other that you are one and the same.

So now, as the lesson(s) repeat, we tenderly have the chance to change once again – but this time, as a world. As One.

So just for this month, be like the great blue heron in Temperance, finding the harmony in opposing forces such as the water and fire. She stands firm, in her new way of healing by combining and integrating with a calm and peaceful focus.

Many blessings,




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