Using Your Crystals In A Meditation



Set your intention in your mind for what you would like to know or understand through the meditation.



Place the crystal cupped between your hands and place your hands on your lap. Sit quietly in an upright position with your feet on the floor and breathe rhythmically. Allow your breath to be deep and draw into the depths of your lungs and release the breath naturally. Centre your mind on your breath and feel your feet getting heavy, becoming connected and embedded into the earth’s crust.  In your imagination see your feet grow deep roots.  These roots reach into the very centre of the earth and reach down into her crystalline core. 

The roots are hollow like a pipe and you draw up a beautiful healing energy from Gaia through the roots.  This energy can be any colour you choose.  See this energy seep into your feet and slip through every cell in your body.  It travels up through your body just in front of your spinal column and rests at each chakra point for a moment energizing your entire being. 

Your whole being is filled with the coloured energy and you give thanks to Gaia for her support and sustenance to your physical being.

You feel the top of your crown (chakra point) opening and the energy moves out, through and around you, infusing with your entire aura, back into your skin, your cells and you become one with that energy stream.

Breathe and settle with this vibrational energy as long as it feels comfortable, then imagine a beautiful light streaming down from the heavens and coming through the crown chakra and into the body, through the upper chakra points and streaming into your heart space and merging with the energy from Gaia.  This light is often white or gold, but again the colour is as you see it.

If you find your mind wandering at any point, return to notice your breathing and neutralise the thoughts.  Do not judge them, notice them and let them go.

Sit in this merged energy from above and below and bring your concentration to the crystal in the palm of your hands.  You can have your eyes closed or open, so you either feel the crystal or look at it.  Sit as quietly as you can and see if you have images, symbols or thoughts that may assist you in working through any issues in your world. You may feel your imagination activated or a random inspiration comes through.  Take notice and see if you can find any relevance.

Be patient.  It can take a little practice particularly if you are not used to meditating.  Keep your intentions clear.  Return to them and your breath if your mind wanders to the mundane or ordinary type of thoughts and mind chatter.

Allow yourself to come out of the meditation at any time.  Do not force the process, you will find you will build up longer sessions naturally as you become comfortable with the process.  You can take 5 minutes or an hour.  Use your own comfort and intuition.


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