Unwrapping a present. Unwrapping our presence.


If the person who gave us a gift is with us when we open it, we will purposefully take it slow and peel off the layers of paper with reverence. We will uncoil the ribbons carefully, remove the outer decorations gently. We show them we care by the appreciation in our eyes, the expression in our face, the excitement in our voice. They have taken much time in this presentation of love and we honour that time as part of the process in receiving.

We delight slowly.

Unwrapping ourselves is like carefully peeling back the paper on a beautifully wrapped present. 

Our outside self is carefully curated.

Our inside self is waiting.

We are on an ongoing process of self discovery, and there is much to discover and be grateful for.

Unwrap the layers of self with love and find the greatest gift of all within.

Your presence.


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