This is what I've learned from my clients recently

I have been noticing common "themes" - an underlying vibration that appear at times in the sessions I give over, say a week or two.  It is really interesting. Different situations of course, but often an underlying core similarity. 


It got me pondering on why we deal with similar issues at similar times and also the microcosm [our own individual existences, experiences and lives] and the macrocosm [the global situation, the collective consciousness] in our beingness!  


:) Yep, deep - but hey, that is what lockdown and distancing does I've discovered. You kinda dip deep. And I know it is most likely the same for you, because we are all One.  Individual grains of sand - but one beach.  We are a single human being but we are also a one human collective. 


As we work together on the trials and successes, my beautiful clients show me a mirror.  A mirror to my own self and soul  that also helps me reflect on myself but even more than that, they are also the mirror to what the entire human collective is playing out in the world. 


Everything that happens in our micro world also plays out in some form in the bigger wider macro world. If we clear ourselves, rebalance and realign then we also do the same for the world. One grain of sand at a time. 


That on that deep layer we all recognise we are not just human beings, but cosmic beings.


Even if we can't express this or even embrace this consciously, all of us know deep deep down that we are intricately connected to the entire Universe and that it lives within our very hearts. When we can begin to consciously connect with that thought then we begin to see the world in a very different way.



That if we let  go of trying to control everything, we slip into a flow.


Yes and I also bow down to the fact that this is easier said than done. It takes a mindful observation of every action, reaction, thought and emotion we have.


But if we loosen our grip a little, a bit at a time, let go of the details, look at everything from a higher perspective then we find ourselves in a little sweet spot.  A quiet space of absolute freedom. It is the gap between the thoughts, it is the cresting of a wave, it is the space between the breath inhaling and exhaling. It is a peaceful moment.


We control from fear of the unknown.  The lesson for me this week was to remember to surrender, to trust and embrace the unknown. It is alright not to know. We do this from the heart, not the mind. From the vibration of love. Love all that you fear. 



That we are learning how to wait. We are practicing being present.


We are being called by the global situation, the universe to be patient. There is a tapestry to our dreams, our wishes. It is being formed, stitched, created in the universe. It will be our opus, our greatest work. That takes time. It is a great work so we would be crazy to rush it. It may not be our time yet.  The paint on the canvas is not yet dry. Hold fast to your visions. It is yet to unfold. Be in anticipation of your creation.



That while we wait, we lift the veil that has been covering us.


It seems as if we are waking from a dream. A misty veil of silk has covered our view. If we move closer to the curtain and pull it back or lift it up we begin to see a little clearer now.  What is not aligned in the world? Your life? We peer squinting into the new brighter vision to see what it is we see. Question everything that appears, it may still have it's own covering. Does it need to be moved too? Take a close look at everything, it may not be as it seems on the first glance and see if you can shift, move or adjust things back into focus. How is the harmony? Can you shift the tone? Do you need a new perspective? Like a room that needs the furniture moved around. Keep what works. Make space for the new to come in.



And the most important message in the mirror this past week was that of Deep Love of Self.


Loving ourselves first and foremost.  Before another. Before all others. Loving yourself so fiercely that you fill up your heart with the preciousness of love and have it spill into every cell, every atom. As it spills over, flows out and saturates all around you, they too will fill up and overflow. But we cannot fill another's cup from an empty vessel.  We must, we absolutely must love, care and nurture ourselves.


We must be our own Mothers. Wrap ourselves in cotton wool pink and fluffy blankets, tuck ourselves in at night and send ourselves out the next morning with warm fuzzy thoughts about how loved we are. 


We must be as kind to ourselves as we are to another.  We must love, love, love ourselves.  No self judgement, no nasty thoughts or words. You don't deserve that. No one deserves that and so many of us put ourselves on the end of the line.  We get depleted, overwhelmed and quite frankly worn out. 


So YOU first. Like the oxygen mask in an aeroplane, one of my clients said. Yes! Perfect analogy. You first, then you're available to help another.  Then you are available to love another.


Now, look how much we teach ourselves as we journey through life!  Life is quite the learning journey! We are all healers of our world and as we heal ourselves, we heal the other. Healing is multi dimensional and is never just at one level.


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