The Tower - Reversed

The Peace Practice draws a monthly tarot card from our favourite deck, The Wild Unknown.  We look at what message the card might hold for us as a Universal Human Collective, from the perspective of Peace.  How might we find Peace in the story unfolding for the month ahead?  What do we need to learn to come to this place of Peace?  How do we find Peace within any challenges and messages the card brings?

The February 2017 post of our Peaceful Tarot series is The Tower, Reversed:

4th February, 2017

It seems we spent most of our lives laying our foundations to build ourselves a beautiful tower in which to reside and operate from. From all elements we drew on universal tools to do so. We built on Earth, we activated with Fire, we nourished with Water and we dreamed our dream into being, with Air.

And so it is. This tower we built (in our card today, represented by a rather magnificent tree of life) manifested into physical existence and there we hung our hat. We fashioned and carved out a life around our desires. We grew this life by fertilising it with our ideas, our personality and our vision of who we think we were, in relation to the world in which we lived. This became our identity.

In The Tower reversed, we see that lightning strikes. In the beautiful strength of a well-rooted trunk, stretching up to the heavens and reaching her limbs out in an all-directions embrace to the universe, we see and hear the cry of pain as we recognise there is much we have forgotten. A branch shears off and tumbles to the earth.


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Such disaster. Oh beautiful tree are you are spoiled? Will you ever be the same again? Where now are your strength, power and majesty? Limb has torn from base. Fire. Disaster. Confrontation.

January’s reading of the 8 of Pentacles, reversed, hinted with the subtle message of rumblings in the foundational order of life. We spoke in that post about adjusting to the differences afoot in our vibrational structures. Will it be that in February we may become even more aware of these change?

Does this sound foreboding to you, or transformational? Let us look more closely.

It is said that there is only one thing constant in life. And that is change. Change can feel uncomfortable. Yet it can also be exciting. Change can mean the end. But with all end there is another beginning. New growth is oft under the fire.

In the reversal of this card I see the transformation offered being more of an internal nature, but happening because of the external changes.

If we look with eyes wide, then we can see the alterations already occuring in our external world. Many of the structures of our society are being tested. And accordingly, we are also reviewing the way we think and act. We are calling ourselves to account. As particular issues are spotlighted, we find ourselves questioning the way we have been, the way we are. We wonder if this is the way we wish to continue. We are beginning to feel, react, think and move differently in response.

It seems dramatic. It is. We know in our heart of hearts, we can no longer fence sit. We may not even want to continue to sit behind our carefully coiffured identity. We examine how we feel. We put a new hat on the peg and we redefine ourselves from our true self and not the manufactured image we pulled together from society's expectations.

In some way, that will be different for all of us, something may happen, or has happened, that will rock your Tower. Our Tower.

The proverbial lightning bolt from above. Notice however, it strikes only the top of the tree; is this striking into action our spiritual vibration? What is this? What does this mean? Divine intervention? Maybe. Crack. Bang. Whallop. Whatever. Whenever, it will not be a moment you will easily miss. You will feel it, know it, as it happens. It may be a simple shift. Regardless, it will be profound. You may just suddenly wake up and feel different. Or you may answer from a big wake up call. You may ask, when is enough enough? The epiphany?

We may feel a little insecure at present. Foundations may seem rocky. The Tower reversed is calling you to be aware. Listen closely to your Jiminy Cricket. Allow the changes. Make the changes. Be the change. And - let us wade through the broken façade together, collectively. All together now. We are all living in a similar tree. Let us all peer deeply inside and we may see, not a disaster, but an opportunity to transform ourselves and to walk in peace.

Many blessings,





  • Thank you for your feedback Mindy :) Appreciate your time.

  • Namaste and thank you. Not much info regarding the WU reversals.


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