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The Peace Practice draws a monthly tarot card from our favourite deck, The Wild Unknown.  We look at what message the card might hold for us as a Universal Human Collective, from the perspective of Peace.  How might we find Peace in the story unfolding for the month ahead?  What do we need to learn to come to this place of Peace?  How do we find Peace within any challenges and messages the card brings?

Welcome to the September 2017 post of our Peaceful Tarot series

4 of Pentacles (Reversed)

August gone by was such a huge month. Big energies abounded, bounced some of us around and off the ground and span our pretty heads into - and sometimes past - the great cosmic mysteries.


And now sweet September. For us here in the Southern Hemisphere today is the first. And also the first day of Spring. The end of August teased us with tantalising displays of sunshine, we even stripped down to short sleeves and faced a little skin to the sun. Today is a little more subdued. Temperature perfect, rolling breezes travelling on gusts of fresh but not cold wind. Rain is in the air as I write but not here just yet. The azaleas in the garden are out in splendor. They obviously didn’t want to wait any longer. One day they weren’t and then they were! Perfectly beautiful. Nodding around in the wind, playing with each other, singing a song of perfection.

Traditionally spring clean time, which seems a little too much work! But I did do the crystals. Gave them a shift of energy – a cleanse, a burst of Reiki even – a re position, a new table for some and a re-grid for the month ahead.


The messages that resonated with me personally last month were that of prompting the internal work of visiting with our ‘shadow’ self. The side of us that the conscious does not necessarily acknowledge, aspects of our personality, which we do not openly identify with. The confronting bits!!! The teachings of remembrance were strong. To go inside, to remember who we truly are in our purest form. And - the teachings of integrating all parts of self to one.

So I intentionally ran the grid for the many messages that have come through in August from all the beautiful and brave Wayshowers in the world! I also intentionally pulled today's September tarot card to align and expand on those messages too.

I added rosemary to the grid. One of the oldest forms of incense, Rosemary is an ancient herb of many uses and traditionally linked to psychic connection and to activate the dormant memory. The element of Rosemary is fire and Rosemary aligns to the Sun. And of course the Azaleas. Azaleas message is steeped also in tradition and is capable of representing the shadows but also illuminates fragility and passion by echoing the essence of the divine feminine. Linked to the heart chakra and the numerological vibration of 7, I felt it perfect to add to the grid today.


And then I sprinkled it with some holy lavender given generously to me from a friend who had been gifted some from a lavender field said to be graced by Mary Magdelene – for purity and higher connection.

The base of the grid echoes the recent teachings of (one of my favourite) channels, Micheila Sheldon. Her recent messages have been imbued with the integration of our Over Soul, with the Higher Self and Soul. Acknowledging those aspects of us as individual crystalline ‘containers’ and then merging them together as One. One pure crystalline vessel accessed through our heart space from which to direct our experience of life. Her work with this in meditation style activations is so beautiful and sensitive and brings a profound shift of energy within.

So using here some of my most beautiful clear crystal quartz – I have taken a nod to these teachings and linked the grid to the Tarot for this month using the quartz to represent our crystalline centres - and my large and divine Quartz ‘mountain’ to represent the Over Soul.

But I got waylaid with my crystals!  Not hard to do. So now to the Tarot for this month.

I use the reversal of cards to let them speak to me about internal workings, the subconscious if you will.

Traditionally the Four of Pentacles speaks in the positive of success and material gain but also of control, hanging onto power, greed even - and a rigid process of connection to the material. Reversed it can even speak of more stinginess and excessive worry and of not letting go of this mindset, being stifled in your personal development.

So how do we view this in relation to the collective for whom we read for here?

Activation is here so strongly in this card. The shape we are weaving appears in infinite harmony, fluid and all encompassing. Or are we bound? Are we binding others with our need to control? Are we tied so firmly to our rigid old ways we cannot loosen ourselves to be free? And are we clear what we are freeing ourselves from? Ourselves?

When we look at the web of life we spin around others and ourselves, in a sometimes seemingly vain attempt, to make sense of a complex world, we can ponder internally the questions to self. Are we expecting to control others and ourselves though our activations and actions? How might we best remain fluid and accepting of all?

Intertwining of energies in this card also speak from the directions of all four elements. The structure of life seems solid, the interlacing is working separately, yet together we bind (should we not offer to untie?) to each other as we weave our ribbons around our individual path and lay it out into the collective collaboration to cross a common central point. A point that is clear, precise. A centre space that is bright and illuminated, soft yet sharp.

All aspects of self are at play here. Through our work, through our practical foundations, we can interlace our spirits, our self, our consciousness, our entire selves and our entire societies together and this card to me speaks in volumes about maintaining integrity of spirit in everything we do. We stand as solid individuals and part of the whole collective interweb of life. This card is for each of us and for us as a whole. There is an opportunity here for great spiritual advancement if we can loosen our own bindings; our attachments, our need to influence and if we can do so, we can indeed flow with a new way to view our lives.

Last month the message was hasten slowly. Letting the ancient wisdom come through and doing the internal work. We have been integrating, working, waking up, seeing, testing, learning and watching. This month may well be the time to throw your thread of passion out into the world and weave your magic. So as you do so, just allow the ribbons loose. Let them fall away and take a gentle leap of faith in new vibrations, new ways. Trust yourself by giving yourself permission to weave your light into the peaceful flow. Let it all begin!

Many blessings,


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