The Father of Wands jumping ahead of The Father of Pentacles (reversed)

The Peace Practice draws a monthly tarot card from our favourite deck, The Wild Unknown.  We look at what message the card might hold for us as a Universal Human Collective, from the perspective of Peace.  How might we find Peace in the story unfolding for the month ahead?  What do we need to learn to come to this place of Peace?  How do we find Peace within any challenges and messages the card brings?

The April 2017 post of our Peaceful Tarot series is The Father of Pentacles (reversed) with a preview first from The Father of Wands:




7th April, 2017

Well! Father of Wands could not wait to jump into my lap!  He with his bolt of inspirational lightning cracking its celestial path to Earth, woke me up as he flew out of the pack.  Make no mistake, he was bringing me a message.

This magnificent Cobra unfurling and waking up, rising with some authority to claim sovereignty over all he surveys, takes a breath as he focuses his gaze. He is the holder of inner wisdom. He is not poised to strike; it is as if he is looking to see if the time is nigh.  It is.

The intelligence of the energy from above is definite.  Connecting to the base chakra of Gaia with a red fiery staccato burst and into her sacral chakra as it flashes into orange, this cosmic force is about to waken Mother Gaia's own Kundalini force. 

King Cobra's iridescent geometrically patterned skin grids off into the universal cloak beyond as he holds his wand of action. His ability to shed skin echos our own ability to shed our own illusions, fears and limitations. This means business.  He is here to heal the world.  His heart is open, you could reach right in and touch it and he works only with the greatest compassion.

As the Gaia's resonances begin to settle into new patterns, her awakening is much the same as our own.  Chakras rebalance, messages are passed through our human forms and we will unfurl as both She and Cobra does, to rise into magnificence.  We are action in waiting but also action in motion.

This is the card that speaks at this time, of ascension and in that ascension will be the peace we seek.

Divine masculine energy abounds in this reading with two Fathers talking to us this month, but Snake in traditional senses also symbolises the merging of the female/male energy.  So we may also wish to look at integrating balance into our lives this month.  The integration of all things in perfect divine order.  (Symbolised in the photograph below by tiny flourite octohedrans.  The octohedran representing As Above, So Below and the flourite representing healing, clarity and peace.)


And - Father of Pentacles (reversed) is the card drawn for April.

A reversed card can mean a number of things.  I am seeing it however as the inner realm, the soulspeak.  Internal energy. There is such divinity within this card and as it IS reversed, I see its energies settled and embedded into the underbelly of the collective consciousness of whom we read this tarot for at this time.

The internal rainbow soul light of the collective is shown through the antlers. Sitting atop the gentle, sensitive one is the spiritual antennae messaging the importance of higher connection and awareness. The steadiness of the Great Stag is advising us to pay heed to our inner thoughts. To be aware of ourselves and to know as we find our balance in the new gridwork, we shall illuminate like never before.  He speaks of great calm and joy for all.

Foundations for all humanity are resting within and the Father of Pentacles calls on us to come forth and walk a new path.  The wisdom of all combined will set this new foundation of life to sit above all that has been before.  Each one of us whilst still staying in our singularity, will radiate also towards one common goal, one collective process.  Our individual manifestations enfold also as one manifestation for the whole of Humankind, for the whole of All kind and for every Galactic Being.

The new foundation, the base, the structure, the Way - will rise from the Earth herself, through us, and embrace our new illuminated selves.  It will radiate forth to the entire planet and beyond.  The wisdom of our Fathers and those of theirs, and the ones before this, will steady us and guide us as we take the necessary action.

We are in the most exciting times.  On the threshold of much that is new.  Poised for action to build a new way of living.  What will we choose?

Methinks, mefeels - that it may be one of peace.


Many blessings,


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