The Artist of Thought

Creating a New World Canvas - your thoughts are your paint and brushstrokes, your life is your canvas.


Everything in the entire universe is energy.  When we work with this concept consciously and carefully, we craft, create, sculpture and paint with the power of the universe!


When we place our [at]tention on something, we are putting our energy 'out there'.


When we focus our [in]tention, we are moving 'inwards' and connecting to the energy of what we desire.


If we clear our past thoughts, put aside our previous experiences, allay our worries of the future [create a blank canvas],  we can paint a new picture.

But first, we step out of the past [of what wasn't, went wrong, didn't get said, done or painted] and step back from the future [the 'what ifs', maybes, the worries of what might be], and stay in our studio.  In our mind, in the present moment. The here, the now.  


The energy of our clear intention creates an artist's easel. It holds our painting [supports our desire].



All thoughts are energy. [Our paint, our colours.] These thoughts we brush on our canvas, and they become our creation. [Our painting.]


As a thought spins outwards, that energy is in motion [emotion] and it starts its journey into the ethers and beyond to begin manifesting our intention and desire. [Our original thought.]


What is your painting [your vision] making you feel?  Are you opening to love, to joy, to the excitement, to anticipation? Or are you not?


Tap in.  Allow the universal language of emotion to support you in your creation.  If it feels good, if the paint flows, if it is making your heart sing, then keep painting.  If not, then review. Stand back, look from other angles. How would it feel if you changed the scenery you're painting, the tones of the colours, try a different brushstroke?  Or maybe as you look your spirit soars and you find yourself finding even more new ways to create this masterpiece.


Follow your feels.  


When you are tapped in, plugged into emotions that inspire [in spirit], and that opens the heart, then hold the vision and the thought stream steady to your desired outcome.  For what goes out - comes back in.


As your painting progresses, be sure to watch your thoughts. Have you strayed? Pay attention. Did your brush begin to paint a different landscape without you even realising? The same careful and considerate way, we pick our colours is also the way our painting forms and therefore we must also pick our thoughts.  We must lean into them. Be aware.  Be mindful. Choose them purposefully and discard any colours that change the result.


We need to stay present.  Not flip flop. Go from classic to abstract or from pastel to bright. We had the vision. When the emotions align, we stay with it if we want the result. When we time travel back and forward with our thoughts, we recolour our painting with memories of what didn't happen or mess it up with worries of what might. When we stay present, in the studio of our work, then we move towards our Magnus Opus!


But know, if we do make a mistake, go off track, pick up the wrong brush, mix the wrong shade, then we can paint it over. And again and again, if you have to.  Return to your desire. Reset the intention to paint your masterpiece. Hold fast.


Let us continuously review our work—[Being mindful, observer of our thoughts]. Ask ourselves, do we like the picture we are painting? Do the colours gel, is this how I wanted it to look?  What energy did I create with my last thought? Is it still resonant with the painting I wish to bring into my house? As the artist, we look at our tools, our paints, our colours, our application, our technique. 


We want to bring this painting from the easel to the wall. We want to fill the frame. Curate each of your thoughts carefully and weave them with love.  Take your time, stay present and stay reverent. Allow the brush to do the work for you. Let go and flow, as the paint drips on the canvas. Don't control how. Immerse in the art - [Enjoy the journey].


You are the creator of your brave New World.  You are truly an Artist of Thoughts. You are perfect. Divine. And you are manifesting your new reality. You are an inspiration!  [In-spirit-in-action.]


  • I am so pleased this resonated Jan! I do appreciate your feedback, thank you :)

  • Oh Elaine – Love this – Beautifully expressed and so timely for me – I really needed to read it today! Thank you 🙏xx

    Jan Jervis

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