Peace Crystals and Crystal Seeds of Peace

The Agrarian of Crystal Light

Peace Crystals & Crystal Seeds of Peace, The Agrarian of Crystal Light


The Legend: "From a distant star in the Pleiades I came forth to Earth on a mission of my soul’s evolution.  My form is light and pliable.  I can move, rise and fall in an instant.  I am that of an ethereal cloak.  Almost there, almost not.  Like an invisible spirit. I am not large, yet I am not small.  I glow a little with the stardust in my veins.


 My mission is that of the Crystal Farmer.   I am to establish a crop of crystals on the Earth’s plane that will grow to begin the formation of all crystals.  I come with crystal seeds.  Little dust like particles that hold the knowledge of the light and of the Peace..   


I am The Agrarian of Crystal Light."

As physical beings we often become unaligned with Gaia, Mother Earth in which we reside and we also forget to honour our own body and physicality as we rush around on our daily chores.  It is important to recognise this disconnect and find a way to re-establish balance in all areas of your life and also to our connection of the esoteric and spiritual matters There are many ways - gardening, walking in natural surroundings, meditation, healing rituals, personal practices such as yoga, tai chi, the use of mantras, prayer or using tools such as crystals are just some of many. 

At the Peace Practice we find a crystal is simply a beautiful tool to use to help re-anchor yourself.  Use the crystal as a bridge to navigate this separate state of being between the physical and spiritual and bring yourself to a balance of One.

As the owner of a crystal, you are for that time, a custodian of this piece of Gaia and if it is treated with reverence and respect you will find great comfort in its strength.

Use it as you feel you should in a way that is right for you.


It is our belief that:

Crystals are able to construct, hold, intensify, focus, transmit and transform energy and matter.  This comprises all – including thought, emotion and information. 

Your crystals already hold an energy memory in their core.  They will impart messages and vibrations to you, as you allow them to do so. As well as a hereditary memory, the Peace Crystals on this site have all been carefully cleared and infused with the beautiful sacred, subtle energy of Reiki and then respectfully programmed to speak to you of Peace.

These crystals, should you believe it to be so, and should you allow that belief to take root in your being, may serve as a portal to the remembrance that you yourself are The One.  The healer of your world.  This knowing is Peace.


How to use your crystal:

You can use the Peace crystals in any intuitive way you should choose.  The following are suggestions for you.  Nothing is right and nothing is wrong.  You will find your own way of using them.  Give yourself permission to do so.  If you are unsure where to start may we suggest the following:



Begin by getting to know your crystal:

Hold it.  Look at it.  Feel it.  Study it.  Begin to know it.  Feel the indentations, the markings.  Have your eyes closed or open and breathe in the very soul of this beautiful piece of nature. 

Introduce yourself. State a clear intention that you wish to align the crystal’s frequency with your own and to accept the vibrations, lessons, teachings and insights it may offer.

At any time if you wish the crystal to help with any other matter in your mind, clearly state this intention and ‘give it’ to the stone.


Continue the relationship:

As any friendship unfolds, so will your relationship with your crystal. You will begin to feel the stone’s vibrational chord and you will begin to match its resonance energy.

·      You can sleep with the crystal under your pillow. 

·      Take it with you. 

·      Leave it in a decorative position in your house or room. 

·      Meditate with it. 

·      Use it as a healing tool by placing it on troubled areas and intending release and 

     understanding of issues. 

·      Lay with it on your heart and feel it’s pulse.

·      Chat to it.  Tell it your troubles.  Show appreciation.

·      Use it as a ‘worry stone’ and roll it round your hands and just feel it.

·      See if you can feel a physical sensation with the crystal.  Does it feel hot? Cold?

    Buzzy or Tingly?

·      Ponder on the intricacies within its core.  What shapes do you see?


Look at the physical formations of your particular stone and concentrate on one at a time.  Stroke, examine and familiarise yourself, with both a tactile and visual touch, with the properties of your particular crystal.  For example, if there is a channel embedded in the crystal, as your touch follows the channel -  what comes to mind?  Are you prompted to certain memories?  Or, take your crystal out in the sun and look at it in different light.  If you have a rainbow echo within the stone -  how does this make you feel?

Think of your crystal as a keeper of universal records.  They hold a library of knowledge for you to unfold.

To have PEACE be it.


PEACE of mind.  PEACE of heart.  PEACE of self.  PEACE of humanity. 



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