The 3 Pillars of Success

The Peace Practice draws a monthly tarot card.  We look at what message the card might hold for us, as a Universal Human Collective, from the perspective of Peace. How might we find Peace in the story unfolding for the month ahead? What do we need to learn to come to this place of Peace?  How do we find Peace within any challenges and messages the card brings?

Welcome to the January 2018 post of our Peaceful Tarot series


The 3 Pillars of Success for 2018. This reading is focusing on what is required for us to fully move into our true potential for the year of 2018.


The Earth grids have undergone much rearrangement, the magnetics and energies changing charge levels, pulling our tender physicality into new form and we have experienced tremendous change in not only our singular lives, but within our collective reality. Veils are lifting, we see with new eyes, we speak with new voices and we are realigning our purpose with our inner self as we stand now on the threshold of a New Year.

Already the energy is pumping in on Supermoon orbs and the galactic golden sunshine - and we are barely a fortnight in. Those who are energy sensitive have been holding onto their hats, hanging onto the bicycle handle and are already freewheeling into January. It feels fast. It feels full of promise and you can hear the heartbeat of the world underfoot.

As the eyes of all open globally, wider and wider and visions come pouring in, we are left wondering how it was that we never saw what we now see. The curtains of our heart have parted and we can thrust and burst open the window they covered. Unsash the tassle. Or pull out the key. Unlock the door. Open it in whatever way we can - we must. As now we do see, we have no choice but to look. So as we look with those eyes opened from wide shut to fully aware, we are called to act, speak, and move with our heart space flung open to let in the new fresh air.

So let us see what my new Hermetic Tarot card deck has to say about all this.



The first card drawn is to explore the 1st Pillar of success. This card is The Empress and it has been placed in the middle of the spread. (The first card being central to success.)


The 1st Pillar of Success card represents PASSION.


“Daughter of the Mighty Ones”

Our Empress represents the door with which we walk through to fully open the heart space in divine resonance and harmony and in our own complete and utter sovereignty.

Sitting in the power of the sacred planet Venus, potent in her divine feminine essence and strong in her balance, she is supported by the transformation of the black alchemical eagle at her feet. She can reach the entire world through her rebirth, resurrection and consciously ignite a new passion and version of life through her focus and vision.

A representation of transformation to the element of fire from water, she rises with energetic spirals at her side that reach far beyond her singularity. The Empress is balance within love. Love of all. Love of everything. Merging with The Emperor she brings wings to the union of divine masculine and divine feminine principles in all things.

She looks with eyes encompassing both these qualities and points a clear diamond focus with the scepter of her visionary actions. She clothes herself in the golden sun and balances the lunar energies, once again combining polarities for a new way.

So in the drawing of this card the energies of The Empress fall gently down on our New Earth. She tells us of the process we are presently in – one of regeneration, transformation, integration and the uniting of the opposite energetic from the masculine voice and the feminine voice.

As we drop into the heart to find the balance in all things we find from there we can move to find our own personal passion. When you work with your passion, you find your purpose and peace. As does the world.

The Empress calls to you to embrace the regeneration, the rebirth anew as you cleared your muddied visions in 2017.   Vision instead through a clear, lasered focus into the coming months. Stay in the heart. Grow your wings. Let the fire energy fuel you and the water take you. Let the air breathe you and the earth support you.


*Enter the world of 2018 in your full sovereign balance.




The second card drawn is to explore the 2nd Pillar of success. This card is The Three of Cups and it has been placed on the left of the spread.

The 2nd Pillar of Success card represents PURPOSE.


“Lord of Abundance”

Mercury speaks to us through this card and whispers a message from the Gods above. The powerful undercurrent of energy in this card wells up from deep within us and illuminates what is within our mind, communication and our verbal discourse.

The divine feminine energy again appears. She streams through the water embedded in this card and we begin to feel the very consciousness that the water itself holds. How it speaks to us, how it teaches us, how it moves us. The connection to flow rises within and we pull it through, not only our physicality but into our very soul and through to our Higher Self. Connecting to All That There Is through the flowers blossoming at every point of our being. The flow continues, overflows, glides, refreshes and fills our cups – and then regenerates the well beneath our feet. The continuous motion of life in full abundance.

The conscious movement of the water, the resolute way it moves us is how we also can move ourselves. When we are in mindful flow we are in tune with our environment, our lives, our relationships and the Universe at large. We can reach into every cup available to us – as if a gift – and drink from each with gratitude, knowing we are sustained by the endless course of life source.

We can move new visions to our dreams, our happiness, and our loves with the knowing we have support from the Universe.

If we now infuse our plans with a purpose (using our mental mind to plan through our feminine intuitive knowing) then we will find ourselves dropping into the natural rhythm and flow of life and letting it move us. If we travel forward this way we will bring forth abundance, success, healing and the resolution of difficult situations – for others and ourselves.


*Communicate, set and purify your purpose through your intuitive heart.



The third card drawn is to explore the 3rd Pillar of success. This card is The Seven of Swords and it has been placed to the right of the spread.


The 3rd Pillar of Success card represents INTEGRATION.


“Lord of Unstable Effort”

The Seven of Swords charges in with the energy of the moon and the somewhat eccentric energy of Aquarius. In our real time of 2018 to date we have already had one Super moon injection and another due at the end of January so this card may be no surprise.

We are feeling somewhat victorious as we bend our swords in reverence to the great point in the sky, but knowing at the same time the bend must continue, casting some of our metal straight and some with flexible direction. Murkiness might linger and the clearing continue, but we can confidently know that what comes up can still be swept by our own sword – if we stay the course. As we take a breath – we allow the understanding of the battle we’ve come through to manifest and settle. We allow the time to integrate, rest, repair and rise again.

If we take on board this integration and this time to match the Aquarian energy this card brings, we will be able to ride the flow in The Three of cups with ease and grace. By understanding the underlying messages that our life presents to us, understanding the new vibrations and the new world, we stand poised to fully absorb and assimilate all we have learned.

So just this moment, for this week, for January or for a breath, or three… integrate what has been before:

Be one with yourself, bring yourself into trust with your own truth and stand fast, feeling into the changes that have been and also the changes that will come. If you vision the possibilities of your life through your own eyes, through your internal knowing, your core, your heart then you won’t wobble.

 *Stand fast and vision through your heart.





Enter the world of 2018 in your full sovereign balance.


Communicate, set and purify your purpose through your intuitive heart.


Stand fast and feel into the change that has been and the changes that will come, by visioning the possibilities through your internal knowing, your core, the heart – and you won’t wobble.



 Peace to you all throughout 2018.

Many blessings,



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