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The Peace Practice draws a monthly tarot card. We look at what message the card might hold for us, as a Universal Human Collective, from the perspective of Peace. How might we find Peace in the story unfolding for the month ahead? What do we need to learn to come to this place of Peace?  How do we find Peace within any challenges and messages the card brings?  This month we draw from The Wild Unknown Tarot Deck

Welcome to the June 2018 post of our Peaceful Tarot series


Six of Swords

There has been massive change and upheaval happening in the world of late. New thought patterns are being thrown forth and we are beginning to see some very inspiring and heartfelt solutions coming forward, being integrated and accepted into our lives. There is much in the air!

Sometimes however, on our everyday, individual level, it is easy to feel it is not happening fast enough, that humanity is still spiraling out of control. Navigating life’s obstacles and walking on rocks is tiresome and grueling at times and that can create a bleakness blanketing out the good that is slowly pushing through.

The message this card speaks to is one of the space we often find ourselves in when we are experiencing pain and trauma. The place we are in when the tears begin to subside.


The swords in this card have been laid down indicating we might be feeling somewhat ‘battle weary.’ Some of us have been/are experiencing great personal change; almost an uprooting of everything we believe in, and this is creating massive alterations in our physical expressions. We may be travelling, moving, considering living permanently in a new location or re-evaluating our mindset, our family and relationships and our priorities. Others are recuperating, licking their wounds so to speak, and slowly moving on from very difficult personal circumstances. Many are struggling with loss, health issues and major life upheavals and still others are experiencing the low and the blue of the mind. It has not been an easy time past for many. It would seem a lot of disruption, disturbance and change have blown through both humanity as a whole and our individual lives.

As we sit, with the rain still falling in this card, but our battles fought, our swords at our feet, it may feel we are sitting in a centre spot. But the centre of what? If you feel a little empty here, know that this is just space that you are feeling into. Spaciousness is not emptiness. Sometimes it feels strange because our lives are never spacious, we fill them up to the brim. We usually keep ourselves so busy and occupied with the stories that we weave around all that we do and see.


Yet in this time past, you, we, us have been busy energetically together creating space for the entire world, with all the clearing we have been and are going through, both individually and on a collective level. As we wander through the journey of life we get the opportunity to clear. We will never recognise it as a gift, but it truly is. We come out the other side with more room, with more of our true self on the outside and more connection to the whole of humanity on the inside.

On an innate level we know we have to do this. Go through this. We know deep down that where there is space there is room to bring in the new. This truly is not an easy thing to do. It always requires great courage, focus, steadfast intent and a new way of perceiving. When we fall in, exhausted, weary, surrendered, then it feels strange, but to feel space is good, it is freedom.

So we really needed to clear whatever it was we cleared – or are still in the process of clearing. We needed to repair the wounds and move into the shadows of our mind. How else do we see the light if we don’t first experience the dark? How do we heal if we don’t first understand we need to? We need to strip ourselves bare. Stand exposed. Face ourselves. Then love ourselves back to bits that are glued together with compassion, understanding and reverence.

The wind has dropped in the 6 of Swords. The howling and the swirling eased. There is a sense of calm. The air is still. You can still see and hear the density in the rain and its momentum builds up, drops off and builds again. There is denseness in the sound but spaciousness in the vibration. Rain against the window makes you feel like you want to watch, but you would like to stay cosy inside, in the dry. You can stay warm. The swords have been laid down. No need to battle anymore. Let them lie. Let the blood dry. Acknowledge it. Release it. Let it be.

The 6 brings in the Mother energy with the unfolding of her gentle spiral form. You are loved. You are supported. You have everything you need. It is time to rest and become vital again. It is time to bring your every attention and daily practice to that which you desire not the opposite. Feel into the rainbow and integrate each colour fully and firmly into your field and share it with the world.

Focus now on the rainbow. Cast your eyes skyward, the tightness lifts the higher you raise yourself. Move to travel on the bow of colours cast above you, heading there with eyes of love, hope, inspiration and trust. This is the peaceful you, the spacious you and the new you. Move away from the dark into a new light. A lightness of being.



Many blessings to you all,







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