New Earth Meditation for you

Seek not to heal yourselves but our Earth.  Connect to her daily through the ribbon of consciousness that flows from your heart to the heart of The Mother - Gaia.

Then you too shall be healed.


This is a short 10 minute meditation just for you.  To bring through the vibrations of a New Earth, healing our beautiful planet Gaia, healing ourselves and looking to the future. 

I hope you enjoy!



Find a comfortable place to sit or lie.  Close your eyes placing your two hands palms upwards.  Take some deep breaths in and through your heart and relax as you listen. 

From my heart to yours,






 Short version - TRANSCRIPT: 

Healing Meditation for Gaia:

Place a visualisation of our dear planet Earth in your left hand and channel your love to her from the meridians of your heart, down through your arm, and into your palm.  Allow that love to infuse, expand, saturate and illuminate through every part of her being and move into her crystalline heart.

Allow every cell in your body to transmit this love through the chamber of your heart.

Visualise another Earth in your right palm, healed, magnificent and in her intended original glory. Complete and perfect.  See her in intricate detail and bow down your head  in wonder.  Infuse this New Earth also with this love.  Open your heart with gratitude and grace as you connect to the divine crystalline heart of the planet.

Bring your palms together, one over the other and fuse the vision as One.  Bring this manifestation of your love to your heart space, slowly moving your hands to your heart placing this precious New Earth in sacred union with Self.  

Now through your breath, as a pure connection to Source, sit with your hands over your heart and breathe this into reality.  Sit as with the love of a Mother and Child.  Seed, future and tend your New Earth within your heart each day - for THIS is truly the time for great change. 





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