My ongoing relationship with a Moonflower

About 18 months ago my Mum showed me a photo of the most divine flower. It was a Moonflower and from a large plant in her neighbour’s house. I was fascinated. Maybe it was Cancer’s influence that came in with me when I was born – I don’t really know, it just resonated. The neighbour, hearing I was so taken, very kindly sent over a small cutting. Well. This was quite a responsibility for me. I was very grateful, but a little concerned too. After all, no instructions came with the cutting and I have not been known for my green thumb. In fact as I bought the tiny plant home, my husband raised two eyebrows towards the moon and queried ‘how long will this one last?’

I was annoyed with him but also shared his lack of confidence in me.

Carefully however, I set an intent not to do her any harm and I chose a spot to place the pot. Mostly shade, morning sun and a view to the sky. After all a moonflower should be able to see the sky?

I was too nervous to do anything else. I did not want to risk a repot from the plastic, not wanting to disturb her. I duly watered her and began talking to her too. Urging her not to be worried and that I would do my best! (Yep I know, bring your eyebrows down.)

Well, Moonflower settled in and took a sprout, then another and moved right up into a space that was much bigger than the pot that was holding her. I had to do it. I had to repot. Oh my. This is my weak link. I often disturb the balance when I get to this stage but this time I was determined. I chose a nice blue ceramic pot and replanted with fresh mix and put a lovely crystal quartz in the top soil to keep her company. I began to give Reiki to Moonflower everytime I passed her or watered her (yes, you CAN Reiki plants.) I chatted brightly to her as she established herself in her new blue home and we seemed to be getting along just fine.

There. I can do it. My confidence grew and I even bought myself a gorgeous Peace Lilly and launched into another new friendship, this time inside my house. I was now well on my way to greening the thumb. I even briefly fantasised at one point about planting some vegetables. My husband’s eyebrows still were way too high, but I was on a roll and feeling (albeit cautiously) optimistic in my ability to become – a real gardener!

On the last night of February, she flowered for the first time. Three small pods appeared as if from nowhere. I was absolutely delighted but was going away. I secretly hoped she would wait the week but no, I missed the big ‘event’. My daughter who was house sitting kindly sent me this photo. They were gorgeous she said but the same night they bloomed had gotten a little bashed around in a storm.

I was nevertheless delighted and was busy patting my thumbs and taking full credit.

And so since February, Moonflower and I have been continuing our relationship. Reiki, crystal connection, water, sunshine and conversation. She needs repotting again but this time I am okay with it – I just thought I would wait – I noticed a week ago two huge flower pods. They seemed much more prominent than the February pods. They mysteriously appeared out of nowhere. They weren't there one minute, but they were the next. It was a bit like witnessing a surprising magic trick.  They were enigmatic - almost triffid like, tightly sheathed, very private and over the course of the next days grew larger, almost to the length of my hand. I decided I would wait till she strutted her stuff and then move her. I watched the pods carefully but they remained bound and reposed. I began to imagine they were holding secrets in their flower bellies.

Yesterday however, I couldn’t stop looking at them. I was home and kept being drawn to her side. I must have checked in on her at least 10 times during the day! The stem of the pod which is unusually delicate to hold such a heavy weight, initially bore downwards, but today they had both began to curl upwards to the cosmos, against gravity. It was if she was going to give birth and I was waiting on signs of contractions.  The twin babies were moving into birth position. 

I must say.  They are kind of weird these Moonflowers.  Not THE most attractive plant per se.  Not ugly. Sort of a climbing succulent kind of leaf.  Easily a plant that you might walk on by in an average garden. But once she whispers to you, you cannot stop listening!

We had an extended Reiki session together mid morning and an almost meditative conversation as I just had this feeling she was getting ready. (Is this what happens to Real Gardeners, I pondered. Do you go a little weird yourself?) I feel absolutely connected to this plant. I can hear her.  Please do not mention this to the husband, his eyebrows will never again be situated in the normal position when he looks at me....


At 5.30ish just before it got dark I took these photos. Flowers curled skyward but still tightly enfolded. I then went out and forgot about her.

I came back at 9.00pm, completely unconnected from the expectant mother and walked outside with the dogs and she just threw her new babies right out at me! Look what I just did, she screamed in joy! Oh my, oh my. Two humongous flowers fully birthed, out wide, open and incredibly beautiful. It honestly made me gasp! I was expecting it but nevertheless it was very unexpected!

A birth of the moon on Earth Day.  Poignant. These flowers are the size of a small dinner plate. They truly illuminate your soul. It is as if the moon has not only dropped down into your patio but also your own consciousness and dappled you with the Bright Lady Lunar light. Their perfume, sublime. Their essence, peaceful. Transcendent beauty – for one night, one performance only. It is as if the secret of life, encased in white feathered petals, strung with the mysterious threads of existence swiftly are released. Like angels going forth. White. Pure. Enchanted. Magnificent. Heralded by trumpets. The reminder that there is an All. Here I Am. Fly high. Fly wide.

The photos don’t do them any real justice.


 All I can tell you, if you ever get a chance to establish a friendship with a moonflower – just do.

With love and blessings,






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