Just for today, connect your essence to Peace


As we move forward, sliding into yet another block of unknown experiences, we may be feeling a little nervous about what is to come.

I have been musing about the many different pools of energies coming our way. It has felt somewhat relentless, and it is easy to go off balance and wobble out of centre. But as this happens to me, I've noticed that I get constantly reminded to embrace one of Reiki's central concepts. 

"Just for today..."

This saying prefaces each of Reiki's five elegant and straightforward principles that underpin the entire teachings of Reiki and guide us towards living a good life. 

But the precepts are not only pertinent for Reiki practitioners. The tenants are simple, and anyone anywhere can apply them in their lives. 

Dr Mikao Usui described them (along with the practice of Reiki) as:

" The secret art to inviting happiness, the miraculous medicine of all diseases."


The Five Precepts of Reiki
Just for today, I do not anger
Just for today, I do not worry
Just for today, I count my many blessings
Just for today, I do my work honestly
Just for today, I am kind to everything that has life.

Let's look at the beautifully simple preface to each of these precepts - without the Reiki.

Just for today

"Just for today" is a fundamental frequency to consider embracing across our entire lives as we move forward in each moment and step into the potential of our lives.

This statement prompts us to stop 'time travelling'. It reminds us to stay in the present moment, not become stuck in the past or hurry off to the future. "Just for today" is an easy to manage concept; it puts one step in front of another, not walking backwards or rushing forward. 

 It would be true to say that many of us would spend most of our lives time travelling! But when we live as a Time Traveller, we eventually become overwhelmed. We come to live in our imagined reality of what might be - or the lost moments of what could have been. We begin to experience all we have 'created' or 'remembered'. 

Staying anchored in the now, we naturally drop anxiety, regrets, constant worry or guilt of what once was and what is yet to manifest. No judgment, no remorse. We don't reimagine memories, re-live experiences from a lens that weaves repeating narratives into them. We don't makeup stories about how our lives are, might be, or will be. 

This is not to say we shouldn't revisit the past or plan the future. "Just for today" is simply a gentle reminder to return yourself to the present and live there, allowing the present moment to flow through you, experiencing all that it contains. Moment to moment. 

Eventually, we slip into a different way of being as we consistently practice living in the present. We will find space to discover ourselves, opening to allow more to come towards us and room to be. Time slows a little. We see the precious gift, the present of the present moment. The only critical moment. The moment of now. The only moment that is.

It is in the moment of now that we find Peace. Peace of mind, and Peace of heart. 

So just for today, drop into as many present moments you can. Be vigilant. Be the observer of your travelling mind. Be the gatekeeper and bring yourself home today.

I will delve a little deeper into the precepts themselves in a later post, but in the meantime, I urge you to stay in the frequency as much as you can of

"Just for today." 



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