It's all about frequency



Going forward will be a lot about the frequency we choose to embrace and how we experience that: the vibration, the energy, around the situations present in our personal and global lives.

We are our own most essential healers. We can heal much in our lives by choosing the frequency we wish to live within. It is often about perspective. Do we choose fear? Will we move from fear to love? Will we choose to put our frequency, currency, energy, time and creativity to what we want to create for the betterment of humanity? Or will we choose a frequency of fear, anger, judgment, regret? 

Suppose we work carefully on all our words, thoughts, actions and reactions and consciously weave in the frequency of what we want to experience. In that case, we will begin to change the landscape of our lives. 

I don't mean to run light and fluffy over the difficulties we face. Instead, I feel this is about making conscious choices on handling these difficulties. Recognising what is wrong, what doesn't work, and aligning our energetic frequency to the solutions will help us move away from the problems. Putting all our energy into the issue keeps us stuck there, sinking in fear. 

We can find ourselves constantly stuck in a big loop of negativity, conversation, judgments, blame, and stuck energy around what is wrong, chaotic, cruel, dark, complex. Staying with that frequency pulls us into a never-ending fearful swirl and an even darker and deeper hole. 

But there is no doubt; we need to see it. Feel it. Own it. But then we also need to stop and ask ourselves, how might we reframe our experiences and reactions to facilitate the change we wish to see? How can we allow these emotions to flow through us and release us to move forward?

If we were to realign our frequency away from the constant fear, can we then recognise and work with what needs to be changed? How can we rise above the present narrative to allow space for another reality to form? Can we remain calm enough to think outside the square to find our way towards a better alternative? Is there another way we can approach a problem? Can we be more inclusive, kinder, gentler with others? Can we recognise another's point of view as different but valid for them? If something is not resonant anymore, what can we personally do or say that shifts the energy?

When something triggers you, ask how I may look at this differently? Is there another perspective to view? Is my frequency only aligned to the problem I see, or is there a way to align my energies towards a possible solution? Is there another perspective I'm missing?

Life has been showing us what needs to be changed. Once they are recognised, acknowledged, and owned, we can make the change. We are creative, inspirational beings. We can recreate a new and better reality once we understand that we created this one. And, we change that first in our own micro lives. We change what we can, encouraging others to do the same. First, our homes, families, and communities, we ripple it outwards to the big macro pond.

However, we cannot change anything by working from the same frequency of the creation we now recognise as discordant. We must align to a different frequency to bring ourselves to Peace.


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