How do you get to feel peace? You practice.

The Peace Practice, Reiki practice, meditation practice, why do we call everything a practice?

We do not become an accomplished pianist by hitting the keys sometimes.  We do not become fit by going to a gym once or twice either.  We do need to bring something into our life consistently to really embrace it.  To live it. To breathe it.

And to have peace, we have to be it.

It takes practice.

Keep going!

When you feel into peace you will become peace and when we become peace we bring to the world peace of mind.  Peace of heart and peace of humanity.

So keep a practice.  Keep up your practice.

Each and every day, every moment.

Become an athlete of peace.

Practice this till you become a light that illuminates this light in others.  Always tuned in.  Always switched on.  

Bring yourself to peace and then - let the rose gold flame of peace warm your heart, expand into all consciousness within you, beyond you - and fly into being on the dove wings of diamond crystalline light.

Be Peace.

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