Heaven Sent

Now, if we were to imagine the colour of heaven we might conjure up an image reminiscent of the blue Celestite.  

If we were to imagine the sparkle in the eye of our third, we might see it mirrored in the blue of the Celestite cluster.

If we were to visualise how the vibration of harmony or peace may look if it were a solid structure, then we might see the Celestite stone.

She is a teacher, she is a healer, she is a connector and she free flows.  She glides through the higher frequencies of the soul-star chakra, lifting us higher than the crown and taking us to heights we may not even be able to describe.

And...she will have you holding your breath in her presence.  She embodies peace.  She voices the purest expression.  She is clarity.

Aaaaah, beautiful Celestine.  The gentle Lady. If she were a woman in physical form she would be somewhat fragile and delicate in appearance.  She might appear with an auric halo to those that can see past the veil.  She would be somewhat shy.  Her alluring beauty would mesmerise you and if you held her, you may never be able to let her go.  She would wrap you up in a vibrational field that you would never want to leave.  She would sing.  She probably would wear light sandals, laced criss crossed high to the leg - or she might run barefoot.  She would surely wear a dress of soft fabric that would whisp in the wind and she would be perfumed with the colour blue. She is the lover in the dreams of the poets.


The Peace Feed Celestite crystal grid


Gentle feminine qualities and those of great beauty come through this stone.  Celestite is honoured for its high frequency and powerful healing energies.  It is THE perfect stone to help you connect to the Angelic Realms.  I like to think of Celestite as a Reiki session in a crystal!  She brings calm, harmony and balance and assists you in finding and maintaining inner peace.  She is definitely a favoured stone for energy healers.

Celestite is a wonderful aid to connect to your higher truths and divine intuition.  Use to help facilitate deep states of meditation and open psychic communication, as well as understanding and recalling your dreams.  Physically she connects to the eyes, ears, nose, throat and the the upper chakras and specifically attunes towards the throat and the 8th chakra - accessing this through the crown chakra.

Celestite is said to have originated from the star system of the Pleiades and holds ancient cosmic wisdom and is a clear channel of access to this.  Holding Angelic light she will lift you into communication with Spirit.

Face your Celestite to the sky, she is very fragile, so handle with extreme care.  She can be recharged and cleansed by wrapping in a soft blue cloth or with a gentle full moon bathe.  You can place her in a small bowl of tumbled hematite stones - or in the rays of the morning Sun - but not for too long or in harsh light as this can fade her colour.  Celestite is a stone to place where you need a calm, soothing energy and many will find the bedroom the perfect place.

Take her into your life.  She will bring a loving energy so remember to show her your gratitude for the gift of peace she brings to your world.

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