Cups Runneth

The Peace Practice draws a monthly tarot card. We look at what message the card might hold for us, as a Universal Human Collective, from the perspective of Peace. How might we find Peace in the story unfolding for the month ahead? What do we need to learn to come to this place of Peace?  How do we find Peace within any challenges and messages the card brings?  This month we draw from The Golden Tarot Deck.

Welcome to the July 2018 post of our Peaceful Tarot series

The Golden Tarot

I have owned this beautiful deck for some time now. I was initially drawn to the wonderful gilding edges and the painstaking collage style artwork taken from medieval paintings to form the tarot story. It was the first deck I purchased after I decided it was time for me to move afield from the Rider Waite Tarot and I was looking for something a little mysterious but also suitable for me to use as I was still becoming familiar with tarot per se. I was absolutely fascinated about the creative process used to create the deck and the intricate subtleties, so I decided the Golden Tarot was perfect. It truly is a delight to read.

For more information on the story of The Golden Tarot visit the Artist and Author

Kat Black at (Made even more special by the fact that she is West Australian.)


Nine of Cups reversed.

This card when looked at upright is so serene. So silent. So peaceful. A pause, a resting vibration of nurturing and love. Peace at the higher level of understanding.

Mother and child connected in their spirituality. Reverence to new life. The loyalty of family and the stability of love. There is abundance at the foundation of the card and a message also from our higher self,

There is no doubt this card is fortuitous. The cups represent our deepest emotions, our loves, our relationships, our feelings and our heartfelt internal vibrations. There are indeed many cups in this card, crowning us as an offering – a card of manifestation. It is a card that you would be pleased to draw in a private reading. In fact it is often called the wish card.

But you know the old saying…be careful for what you wish for….

This is not meant to be a dire prediction that all will begin to slide. It is simply a nod to the clarity needed before setting your wishes. And when they come, handle each experience with grateful respect.

Sometimes it happens, when life starts to go our way, when we start to find our path, when we begin to reap the rewards and benefits then we can often pat ourselves a little too hard on our own backs. We can embody the achievement, the satisfaction, and the fulfillment to wear as a badge of entitlement. For this we need to be mindful. It is at this point of time that we could instead reach down and be thankful for the loyalty of our friend, dog, at our feet and the bowl of cherries placed before us. The crow in the card brings this message home to us.

Can we remain humble and modest? Can we remain grateful? Can we remain at the heart of the matter?

Our card is reversed. I intend my readings of reversed cards to be that of the internal landscape rather than the external. This card then echoes all of the upright energy on a subconscious level. The wishes we hold deep within.


When the card and cups are reversed, does our cup become empty? Are we not able to anchor and manifest our wishes into real time? Are we so busy wanting, that we lose and tip our balance? Or is it more that what we desired isn’t all it was supposed to be? Or are we addicted to the wanting, rather than acknowledging what we have already, is really what we seek? Do we even know anymore what it is we wish to have? Or is it that we are simply not ready yet to claim our prize?

The inner emotions seem to be pouring out with so many questions. But it would seem with the vibrations of this card, that even if there are those questions within your deep inner self, you would still be able to draw down and attain a deeper and truer sense of happiness and fulfillment of desires.

If we can maintain the flow in our lives from our heart space this month and remain grateful, peaceful and also humble, then these may well be the keys required so we can allow the gifts of the universe to slide into our collective consciousness with grace.

So go right ahead. Bring forth your subconscious desires for the world this month. Filling your internal cups with clear and focused visions you desire for your community, for your world, for humanity and pulling them through your heart to spill into the world, will allow your wishes to flow outwards with love and peace – and manifest.


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