Crystalline Light

The Agrarian of Crystal Light

When you look at these crystals in regular light they are lovely indeed. Some of my favourites in fact, that I work with regularly.  But - when they are infused with light they move into a different dimension altogether!  They hold magic, stories, codes and ancient songs that travel through the light to be heard, to be seen.  There is a library inside them.  Embedded deep within each is an entire Universe.  Each of these crystal towers hold a unique signature they imprint on the world.  If you scry into them through the heart space, you see what lies there under the deep.

They told me a story of wonderment today.  They were busy, chatty, quite noisy and speaking over each other in their excitement to unfold. They told me many things but finally whispered of the wonder that has been infused into the world around us, put there for all to see - it surrounds us, it is of us.  It also lies deep within us.  Whisper more said I.  The crystalline breath, said they...and the crystalline light in our cells, the crystalline core of the earth and maybe even the stars - Yes? Said I.  Yes, said my crystal garden.  Shine the Light.  Scry into your own self.  Examine all parts of Self with the light of the Universe. Beam it from within, radiate it out and you too shall see what lies beneath your deep.  You too will move into a different dimension.  Aaaah..I See..we just need the Light to see what there is we must see...

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