Cleansing Your Crystal Quartz

The Agrarian of Crystal Light

Cleansing your crystal, The Agrarian of Crystal Light

Crystal Quartz generally does not require cleansing as other crystals may.  It does not hold negative energies.  Rather it takes them and transmutes them.  They then dissolve back from whence they came.

However they can dull a little from constant handling.  They can seem a little tired almost. We often wish to brighten or rebond with our crystal quartz pieces and tend to still clear them as we find the ritual of doing so re-enforces our intentions and relationship with the crystal.  All living creations need love and care.  So love and care away with a special cleansing ritual for your favourite stones.

Intention is everything.  Intention is the key also when you intuit that its time to give your crystals a lovely cleanse. Whatever method you choose, do so with the highest intent and state it clearly to yourself and your crystal. A crystal is solidified light. Pure. A crystal holds in its structure, life itself - and the wisdom of nature. It just seems most respectful to hold them in high regard as we connect to their complex energy matrix.

Cleansing can easily be done, and there are many methods but here are some of our favourites:

Using White Sage:

Prepare a small dish with some earth scattered in the bottom.

Light a white sage stick until it begins to smoke. Pass the smudge stick over the crystals and allow the smoke to softly waft over and around the crystals.  You can also pass the smaller crystals through the smoke if its easier to do so. Try and let the smoke work its magic for a good few minutes. A lovely way to move the smoke around is to use a feather to direct it around the area and the crystals you are cleansing.

The white sage smoke will cleanse and purify any dull vibrational energy the crystals have absorbed and then when you have finished, distinguish your smudge stick safely by dabbing it gently in the earth bowl.

To really enliven those crystalline vibrations, now energise the cleansed stone by placing outside in the sunlight or moonlight or even by a bright window to allow the elements to realign the crystal's vibrational balance.


Elemental Cleansing. The Water. The Earth. The Sun. The Moon.

This method will infuse the essence of the elements back to the crystal's memories.

The Water

Try and use the purest water you can. Keep it running, so the energy flows and place your crystals under the stream. Intend that the crystal is bathed, cleansed and filled to the brim with the love and light of the Universe itself.


The Earth

If you are digging your crystals in - mark the spot! You think you will remember, but it is strange how you often don't!  If you have a beautiful pot plant you can use this, or alternatively you can fill a crystal bowl with a handful of good natural soil. Place them under the earth for a good 24 hours and let them connect themselves to their Source.

If you want to - bury them under the full moon and let the lady energise the earth as the earth energises the crystal. Nice.


The Sun.

Place outside in a beautiful sunny spot, by a bright breezy window and allow the sunrays to drop into the crystal and grow the energies out to the Universe!  It is beautiful. Simple. Powerful.


The Moon

Our preferred method is to dust them in moonlight. Use the bright Luna lady either the day before, the day she IS full and fat, or the day after, to bathe your crystals.  Her vibrations are strongest over these 3 days. State your intention. Let the magic begin!


Crystal to Crystal

Naturally high resonating stones such as Apophylite and Selenite can actually cleanse another crystal.  Simply place a crystal on top or touching these magnificent stones and allow the partnership to unfold.


**The methods above will work for many other crystals too, but some research might be required for certain stones.  There are stones (Selenite for example), that do not fare well in water baths or moisture, so you would need to be mindful of rain or dew if placed outside. Other stones, such as Amethyst, Smoky Quartz or Fluourite, can fade in strong sunlight.

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