A Precious Present for You

The Peace Practice draws a monthly tarot card.  We look at what message the card might hold for us, as a Universal Human Collective, from the perspective of Peace. How might we find Peace in the story unfolding for the month ahead? What do we need to learn to come to this place of Peace?  How do we find Peace within any challenges and messages the card brings?

Welcome to the December 2017 post of our Peaceful Tarot series

The Star

This month I decided to mix up The Peaceful Tarot spread. I have owned the Golden Tarot deck for some time but have not used it a lot. Yet it is quite special, with digitally masterful collage taken from various Old Masters, artwork from the latter Middle Ages nodding at the traditional Tarot symbols morphed painstakingly, artfully and respectfully with Renaissance glory. Divinely finished with an illumination of gilded edges on the cards, it becomes a very gentle and mysterious deck with its regal formality. Quite a different vibe from the shamanic wonderfulness of The Wild Unknown, but seeming to me to be appropriate for this December’s Christmas lay.


So as The Star appeared in the spread, I smiled at the synchronicity.   The star symbol has always been one I have aligned to and I use often in my life in various ways. Even my little Peace Practice icon is taken from the internal matrix of a quartz crystal star I owned.  But this past week stars seem to be falling all over me and dropping into my field constantly. For example, a book someone gave me talking about the ancient Magi following what was described as a comet in this account, but referred to the bright Noel star announcing the birth of Christ. A conversation about starships, flowers shaped like stars, a piece of star jewellery, a star shaped crystal, me writing a crystalline star meditation for the heart chakra. I was starting to really tune in and notice how they were appearing so rapidly and now I draw this card, The Star. My intention however for this draw was not purposefully for me – it was my usual intent for a message around the perspective of bringing peace into the collective consciousness. Yet, I wondered for just a moment if this WAS my message – but as we are one, and you are I - and I am you - then this message is also for you. (And me!)



The Star.

Haloed by a comet and seven stars, with the merman at her feet, pouring from the cup of her soul and holding the cup of life our symbolic Star woman stands in her birth state, naked and comfortable, innocent and pure. Dogs of the shadow and light at her feet, as is the river of life flowing by, the little dog of faithfulness and the stork waiting behind, a bringer of news and rebirth. She slips not on the pebbles as her feet are solid on the shore and the mysteries of life and love float by as she bathes in starlight – her night illuminates to day.


So thus the shadows move, the darkness acknowledged. Many of us have been working with our own shadowy aspects. Our inner dogs have quarreled but now by seeing this aspect of self, we can also see the light. One cannot see good, if we do not first understand the opposite. Many of us are revealing our nakedness in our truths (some not always comfortable) and pouring out the lessons we are learning through our soul whilst working on balancing a slippery shore.

We take a breath in this card as shadow and light looks at each other – exhausted, yes – but quiet now. No snarling. Acceptance of being, and in that, it becomes neutral. We have had to also acknowledge that those truths of others also are the truths of ourselves and they are the mirrors with which to view our light. And so it is we look at each, from both sides, in the eye.

It is at such times, we give thanks that all this – light and dark, can be accepted as what is. Like the little dog here, showing us the way to unconditional love. We have come to see, to value the lessons, and we are grateful.

Mysterious forces have been at work in our lives and if at times it was not for our faithful resolve we might have dropped into the ocean called life and been swept away. But instead we heeded a call to ancient rites, the call to learning’s of old, the allure of magic, and we heard the siren of the bay. Again not always a comfortable place to sit. We have been tempted and torn. Intrigued and bewildered. We have learned so much and then by the same breath had to unlearn so much. We ended up as bare and naked as we were born. Then we worked out that by tuning into our sensitivities, by following our instinctive knowing, our intuition, we could tap into this ancient knowledge being downloaded and channeled our way and also to the crystal heart of Earth to rebirth it anew. A new message of the old. Or an old message made new. We can look around us, up and below at the light that has been shining and spotlighting a way forward, a beacon to follow. And follow we must, as there are great secrets to remember, behold, share and reveal.

As the cryptic drops away, our Star woman is peaceful, she is serene. In the same way we sense that stillness in ourselves when we ponder the starlight and the darkened heavens, we can find this stillness now within. Here. In your belly. It is settling around us regardless of what might float by. We can pour from all cups. Life is simply what happens when we are in physical form and we can participate, observe and be a part of it all, in peace and stillness, knowing that it is all an aspect of ourselves. When we find that state, this card speaks of the positive, of joy and peace – of hope.. In this place of being we can choose differently. We can choose to see and be on a different path. And we can do that together, as a collective. As one. A precious present and a gift to humankind.


This is a beautiful card to draw at the close of what seems to have been a challenging year for many. If you feel you have not achieved, look back, so much of this inner work of our individual self is changing the world. Going forward, life may well be just as challenging – or not – but however it may fall, be like the Magi and follow the signs. Be at peace, be at one with all. Be still.

I wish everyone a peaceful close to the year and a beautiful Christmas. I would also like to thank my family and friends for their help, knowledge and support this year as The Peace Practice was established. I am so grateful for you all.


Many blessings to you and yours. See you in 2018.


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