8 of Pentacles - Reversed

The Peace Practice draws a monthly tarot card from our favourite deck, The Wild Unknown.  We look at what message the card might hold for us, as a Universal Human Collective, from the perspective of Peace. How might we find Peace in the story unfolding for the month ahead? What do we need to learn to come to this place of Peace?  How do we find Peace within any challenges and messages the card brings?

The January 2017 post of our Peaceful Tarot series is The 8 of Pentacles Reversed:


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Due to spending a magnificent New Year’s Day at a friend’s farm, surrendering to the call of their glorious flowering garden and surveying their farm land from the high vantage point and comfort of a recliner on their balcony, I did not find the moment to draw the Peaceful Tarot Card for January. I was busy not being busy and being in the moment. So I figured analysing the peaceful could wait a day while I enjoyed the peace!

But tonight, back in the City and contemplating my week to come, and the year yet to be - I have. And I have drawn the 8 of Pentacles – Reversed.

So the web of life is presented here to us. The intricacies of the matrix in which we find ourselves. Here we lie, central to all, represented by Madam Spider in her in-waiting, patience stance but wait – she’s tipped herself around!  The web of life is reversed.

There were many Madam spiders down at the farm. Tucked in behind the shearing pen doors, draped between the hydrangeas, under the garden chair or travelling on a wind wisp. We were surrounded by bees, butterflies, moths, pretty willy wagtails, bright blue wrens, stink beetles, bugs and a very wily Christmas mouse scampering cheekily in and out of the kitchen. I noticed Madam at the farm. I even contemplated her sticky web under a chair. She herself was absent but I remember wondering if she would creep out to say what would have been an unwelcome hello. She didn’t. I remained safe. Safe from myself (?)

I am not sure Madam is one I would, under normal circumstances, consider a friend to be honest. I can get a little creeped out by a ‘real’ Madam. Particularly in Australia. Red back. White tail. Big hairy ones. Little darty ones. The only Madams I have ever really spoken to have been wee Money ones who jangle on the end of their single web and jingle the song of good luck to me. A hold over from childhood delight and superstition.

So here tonight though, Madam is talking to me about peace. And what say you dear?

“I talk to life itself. I talk with you within the web of connectedness of all things. I am seated in the centre and I am the collective consciousness of her, you, they and him. I am all souls that are and that have ever been. I am of the world and of the universe and I am the cosmos itself. I am the master of every apprentice. I am patience itself. I hold fast the vibrations of every tug and pull of every string - each single fine gossamer thread of energy that spins forth with intent – and I bring that intent back to centre. Back to the point of whence it came.

And as I sit here in this Tarot card of Earth you will see the foundations, the structures on which we build – our life, physicality, beliefs, emotions, loves, desires, and wishes – are placed around me in an ordered way. As her, you, they and him I point my resolve this month into an entirely different direction from the usual. I say to you be comfortable in a different position. In this comfort is transformation.

I present myself face downwards ‘tword her centre. Gaia. Sophia. Planet Earth. I, being Madam Spider and Co. is pointed to concentrate on the tweaking of the silk vibrations from this direction - the soul, the core - the heart beat of Earth. Let us draw up her energy into the collective, into the web of life and feed this out to the foundational pentacles of our structure. And then let us feel with our sensitivity the tweaking, the shaking, the twiggling and jiggling of the different vibrations under foot.

I must warn you quietly that it may be that a foundation piece might work its way loose from the order. It may even tear a thread slightly as it moves to adjust position. It may even fall. I may, as Madam Spiders are wont to do, dash about and out of position in an unchartered response to the vibrational shift. But know this – the web is strong. And even a tear, with skill, can be repaired.

So position yourself to a different way. Know you are supported by the universal web of all things above us and below us. Hold fast with patience, hurry not but do not tarry. Be excited. There are thrilling times ahead. Different times. The new to be learned.

And – always remember. There is a place held within the centre vibration and that space is one of peace. I, her, you, they and him may return as one at any time and work these vibrations out together.”


 The Peaceful Tarot


The Peaceful Tarot

The Peaceful Tarot


Wishing you many blessings for the year ahead.  We do hope you find that sweet spot. That centre ground. That peaceful spot to bring you through the coming months and into the exciting winds of change

Many blessings,






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