Walking The Path - Reiki Training 2nd Degree Workshop

Walking The Path - Reiki Training 2nd Degree Workshop

The Peace Practice

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Walking the Path
a Reiki journey for your transformation


Are you walking your path? 

You’ve taken a step towards finding a state of internal peace

You can feel yourself being more settled, more often and sometimes you are even able to harness your anxieties

You are beginning to meet your life with grace

You are taking responsibility for your own health and happiness

You are responding more, reacting less

You are becoming more intuitive, less judgmental of others

You feel more balanced in turbulent situations these days…

…And you find a joy in the little things

You still wobble, you still get off track but somehow you find a way to resettle yourself and make your way back – back to centre.


You are a Reiki 1st Degree student


You are practicing daily

Offering sessions even to family and friends

You are feeling into the energies of the universe more easily now

You are having fun with these newfound tools and practices

You have a sense of wonderment about how ‘it works’

You feel grateful and wish to keep going down this road as you feel what you have learnt is beginning to flow over into your everyday life.

 The changes are subtle yet at the same time, profound.

You feel grateful and your heart is open


You are ready to take the next step down your path…



With The Peace Practice


2 day Reiki Workshop (Certified Course)

small intimate group to be held in North Perth


February 15th & 16th or March 14th & 15th



It is all about unfolding the understanding...

Second Degree will advance your understanding and use of the Reiki energy and practices.

This workshop initiates your consciousness to the revered Reiki healing symbols and the practice of healing across distance, time and space.

Placing you in a deepened connection to your studies you will delve further into the understanding and emotional level of healing and will be able to bring your practice to a professional level if desired. 

Continuing ongoing support is offered after your certification is received.

Pre-requisite - First Degree Certification required (other lineages accepted). It is desirable that certification has been held for a period of (at least) two months.


For the curriculum and more information, please email: