The Peaceful Moment - Beginners Course

The Peace Practice

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A Beginners Meditation Foundation Course
Each Monday night of July [6th, 13th, 20th, 27th] 
Block of 4  - $79
5.30pm - 6.30pm
Strictly limited to groups of 4 
@the studio of Elysium / 64 Angove Street / North Perth


This foundational course, The Peaceful Moment, will help you explore and step onto the path of meditation, in a casual but nurturing environment.

It is a course suitable for beginners or those with limited experience and it offers simple, easy to understand tools and tips to help you establish a regular meditation practice of your own, to enhance your life. We discuss the whys/the wherefores and then we enjoy beautiful guided visualisations and meditations. 

You will also be offered access to a private Facebook group for continued support on your meditation journey to encourage you to maintain the practice.

If you have ever tried meditation and given up or said to yourself "I would love to meditate, but I just can't - I can never sit still, keep my mind from wandering or I can never find the time,"  then this course will be the perfect platform for you.  I will show you that yes, you can.  Everyone can.  And then I will show you why you should!

The Peaceful Moment will help you connect to your inner and spiritual self and walk your daily path in peace and balance.  It is a beautiful course, all about you and what a little bit of self-love can do.

I am so excited to share the many benefits that a regular meditation practice can bring to you!  I do hope you can join me.

With love,


"To have peace, be it."


The benefits of a regular meditation practice are widely researched and said to help on all levels of the mind/body/spirit :



Improved mental clarity

Reduction of stress

Helps manage anxiety

Improves memory

Promotes creativity and divergent thinking (thinking outside the box)



Helps decrease heart/respiratory rates

Assists in regulating blood pressure

Decreases oxygen consumption

Allays muscle tension

Increases the happy hormone, Cortisol

Boosts immunity 



Balances emotions

Improves moods

Increases resilience

Improves empathy and compassion

Increases self-control



Allows you to access deep inner truths

Raises your vibration 

Stabilises your energy signature

Clears your auric field

Increases your ability to manifest

By taking time to meditate regularly we can lower stress, improve concentration and focus, as well as find more balance in our lives. 

Over an extended practice, we will begin to notice differences in the way we respond to life. We notice more peace, balance, and greater awareness within and the way we interact with the world around us.

Join me on the mat and look forward to finding a way to meet yourself.  Your true, authentic self.