Universal Friends

To introduce to you and also to acknowledge with gratitude,  those people, businesses and organisations whose work, writings, teachings and support, in different ways, have inspired The Peace Practice and me personally.

It is important to note these people and businesses are not professionally endorsing The Peace Practice here.  This is simply my way of acknowledging and recommending their work and their platforms.  I have either taken courses, studied with them, or  followed their work through their teachings and writings. 

There are many more inspirational people and conscious businesses that I would love to acknowledge that you too may find inspiring and helpful and I shall add links and mentions as and when I am able to do so.

Many blessings,


   Eesha Patel - Ascension Guide, Healer & Speaker

Eesha works within Australia and internationally extensively  on global projects and planetary activations.  Eesha specialises in intuitive energy work, lightbody activations, meditation, spiritual mentoring, and more.  I completed a year long Meditation Facilitators course with Eesha in 2018.


Micheila Sheldan - Intuitive Channel

Micheila's work is inspiring and has been life changing for me.  I cannot recommend her beautiful channelled one on one personal readings and her Lightworker Programmes more highly.


Ken Graydon - Healing Intention

Ken is based in Perth, Western Australia and I was introduced to his work when I was gifted his wonderful book of Regeneration Healing - Healing, The Handbook 

Ken's system brings forth a powerful energy of encoded messages and beautiful techniques developed over many years of dedicated work. His books are truly lovely manuals to work with and I use many of the practices and the principles daily in The Peace Practice sessions and in my own personal practice.



Susan Harris - Clairvoyant. Reiki Master/Teacher. Spiritual, Psychic and Shamanic Healer

Susan is based in Perth, Western Australia and is my personal Reiki Master, Teacher and mentor.  Her lineage is 5th in line to Mikao Usui. Susan also introduced me to the divination of the Tarot and to the gentle practice of Spiritual Healing. Susan's private one on one healing sessions, readings and her group teaching sessions or courses span a variety of different and ancient energy modalities and techniques. They are intuitive, sensitive and supportive, as is the community Susan has bought together, inspired and mentored through her teachings, readings and extensive knowledge within the realms of the healing and esoteric arts.


Ethann Fox - Spiritual Teacher

Ethann Fox creates communities, inspires change and empowers humanity.  His free monthly global Energy Transfers are powerful. He works with his own spiritual teaching techniques and with astrology and numerology to bring people to understand their own soul purpose.


  Judy Satori Energy conduit for Spirit

Judy speaks and translates the Acturian Language and many multi dimensional Light Languages. Her mission is to usher in a New Age and a new way for Earth and her peoples.

Rachel Spencer  Transformation Leader, Energetic Electrician, Quantam Mechanic - Live Energy Transmissions and Light Language Activations


Lisa Transcendence Brown - "Breaking the quantum barriers and bending the human reality, simply, with our unified hearts and minds."


John Burgos - Beyond the Ordinary Show

Offering free, live, interactive webinar broadcasts featuring leading transformative thought leaders, energy healers and spiritual masters.  John is an Intuitive Channel who also offers seasonal platforms of different speakers through his podcast platform.


 Jeffrey Allan - Energy Worker and Teacher

Jeffrey is a wonderful down to earth teacher of harnessing and understanding energies within yourself and your world.  Excellent!


Vishen Lakihiani - MindValley Academy

Transformational Leader whose goal is to revolutionize the global education system by bringing to the forefront transformational and personal growth education, and making these practices more mainstream through the MindValley platform.


Kerrie Basha - Bohomofo

Tarot reader, Energy Healer, Astrologer, Writer - Wordsmith Extraordinaire and practising Witch. Kerrie's writing will move your soul.