Tarot Reading



It is important to note, this is not a face to face session.  Cards are drawn in a personalised Tarot spread and drawn specifically for you.  You will receive a written PDF of your reading as well as photographs of the spread.  Please allow 3-4 days.

The written analysis is in-depth and is aligned as a general overview of your life at this point of time. The cards will direct you to possibilities that lie out in the cosmos for you to bring your life and situations to a point of peace.

Various card decks are used and intuitively chosen for your reading.

These sessions can be purchased by gift voucher for someone else but the recipient must contact us directly to give permission for us to read on their behalf. (Please note, we cannot read for someone else without their knowledge.)

Correspondence pre-session can be over the phone or by email.

You can head over to our free monthly Peaceful Tarot readings for the collective consciousness here to give you an idea of the style of our readings.