Ritual Reiki Sessions

All of the sessions on this page are ritual based.  Why the ritual?
Although previously embedded in our every day, there is now an absence of significant ceremony in our busy lives.  This leaves our soul yearning for intimate communion to help us understand our place in the greater Universe.
Rituals can help us connect at a deeper level - to slow down - to feel into the energies - to pause in wonderment and to communicate with our hearts in quiet reverence.
The world is shifting.  The vibration lifting. People are awakening to their spiritual gifts, rising with love.  There is an understanding unfolding of the power within ourselves as we recognise we are not only human physical bodies, but also spiritual beings.  
I wanted to reflect this realisation within these session so clients could recognise this potential within themselves.  The sessions are delivered with the intention you become an active participant in the healing and that it awakens the knowledge that you are your own healer with the wisdom to activate this gift.
If you look within yourself for the treatment, your answers, your balance, then you step into your sovereignty - you empower yourself and you merge into a new vibration.  One that aligns you to All That There Is.
So rather than think of me as a healer who will "fix" your issues and ailments - it is my greatest hope you will consider me as someone who guides you and holds the space steady while you do the work within.
I introduce you to processes I've used personally that
may resonate with you to set your own practice in motion.  In basic terms I am showing you a key you may use to open your own front door.
Self Empowerment Reiki Attunement Sessions
(2 1/2 hour session) $160
It is important to note that this attunement does NOT initiate or qualify you to practice Reiki. The attunement is given specifically for self-empowerment and self- healing purposes.

These sessions are only offered a limited number times during the year and will be announced and advertised ahead of time through our mailing list/Facebook and Instagram platforms. The next date will be around the end of April 2019.  For more information please contact us directly for these beautiful one on one, restorative 2 1/2-hour Self Empowerment Attunement sessions.

For those clients who feel ready and really willing to let go of any blocks or conditions that are holding them back in their lives.

  • ALIGN - Aligning directly with higher frequency energies than those offered in a regular Reiki treatment, the Reiki Healing Attunement enables you to bring forward and deepen the experience of your own intuitive nature and self-healing abilities. 
  • RECEIVE - The Attunement opens the aura to become more receptive to the energies offered and with your intention will create the space for your own guides to work with you more directly. 
  • RELEASE - Highly effective in dissolving and releasing discordant energies or negativity held through the physical body, aura and chakra fields 
  • CLEAR - Working with intention on specific blocks and issues, these sessions can be powerful in helping release and clear and to set new goals 
  • EMPOWER - When you are connected to self, clear and aligned, you become more comfortable with your own inner wisdom. You feel empowered, energised and enthusiastic. You set yourself a beautiful vibration to move forward.

The Reiki Healing Attunements are a ritual based session and we will work with a large-scale crystal grid specifically charged to harness the 2019 Energies of the Trinity.

2019 numerologically is a year of the vibration of 3.  Often referred to as the Holy number representing the Trinity, the merging of mind, body, spirit to One.  The Triad – the whole that contains a beginning, middle and an ending and the number representing completion and perfection.  This year’s energy will hold us to move forward with our own energy and really embrace our divine expression. 

The Attunement grid will echo our crystalline consciousness birthing into our cells and assist to channel and support the session work.

The session combines various customs such as meditation to centre and connect you to the Mother energies of the Earth and the Father energies of the Sun as we gently work to clear and balance your energy fields.  Affirmations, aura cleansing, and blessings are then merged with the Reiki Attunement and we finish with a beautiful, peaceful, 15-minute Reiki session. 

If you know you feel ready to let go of the past energies and move lightly into a new vibration, I would love to work with you through this wonderful session! 

(Session time 2 hours + 30 mins discussion and consultation time)

RESERVE THIS SESSION BY CONTACTING ME DIRECTLY BY EMAIL (hello@thepeacepractice.com.au) OR PHONE (0412 886 813)


Tarot Moon Reiki Sessions $165.00 (2 hours)
Offered only on the days the moon is most potent for meditation, intention setting, energy healing transfers, recharging your vibrational field and tarot divination.


1stTarot Moon Reiki day of 2019 - Monday 21stJanuary with the light coming forth of a Super Full Moon and a Lunar Eclipse* (*not visible in Perth)




When a Supermoon rises to illuminate the night and bathe us in the amplifying energies of the full moon, we know the moon’s orbit is at her closest to the Earth.  She sits full and fat in the sky, shining her Lady Lunar wisdom in pure radiance and love. When the Supermoon is accompanied by a full Lunar eclipse then the message is to work with anything holding you back, release from the shadows and be ready to light your desires.

The Tarot helps us understand the energies, past and present in our field.  The Reiki energy helps us to balance ourselves, heal the past and move more steadily into the new.  This time is a powerful window in which to meditate, connect to your soul light and focus on your desires.  Sending your intentions with the light of your inner being to the light of the moon, puts into motion the Universal Laws of manifestation.

Join Elaine & George at Elysium on Angove to experience these beautifully combined sessions.

n.b. Combined sessions are only available – individual Tarot or Reiki sessions can be booked separately by arrangement on other dates.

You will experience:

Moon Reiki – by Elaine from The Peace Practice  

Through a meditation, blessings and intentions around a large moon charged crystal grid, you experience a gentle and beautiful ceremonial style Ritual Reiki Moon session.  

Merge with the potent moon energies through tuning of your chakras, cleansing of your auric bodies and finishing with a divine transfer of the sacred energy of Reiki.


Divine Light Tarot Divination Reading and Channelling by George from Divine Light Healing

A layered and in depth reading for the upcoming moon cycle  - George from Divine Light Healing.  George is a Physic Channel and Energy Master Healer who intuitively and accurately interprets the ancient cards spreads of Tarot




Tarot Moon Reiki The Peace Practice